The art in modern furniture design – Lounge chair by Kyle Buckner

by Kremy

Lounge chair Kyle Buckner artistic modern

Art meets modern furniture design in the work of Kyle Buckner and his lounge chair. The American designer is known for his fascination for wood and is showing unique pieces of furniture design, car audios, wall murals and sculpture and all of these have his special flair. You will notice his ambition to create a combination between modern design and technology into furniture.

 Modern furniture design and precise craftsmanship

Kyle Buckner beautiful curved design


May be the most distinctive feature of the lounge chair is that it is completely hand crafted. The precision in the work is evident as it is made from 152 layers of pine wood, carved and finished with a red mahogany stain and cushioned leather upholstery pads for maximum comfort. Although looking as a sculptural piece of art this unique piece of modern furniture design serves its purpose and not just take space into a room. This stylish chair has an original form which attracts the attention.

Style and chic in modern furniture design presented by Kyle Buckner

Lounge chair Kyle Buckner elegant stylish

Lounge chair is a creative piece of furniture with smooth, curved shape and further to that – it looks comfortable. All the admirers of artistic approach in modern furniture design will love it. It looks elegant, stylish and luxurious. The combination of leather and wood gives the sleeky and inviting appearance of the chair. This is a stylish, elegant, high-quality chair which will fit in any interior in a modern home.

 Lounge chair Kyle Buckner elegant contemporary furniture lines

  A precise craftsmanship in carving the lounge chair

Lounge chair Kyle Buckner handcrafted pine wood


 The cushioned leather upholstery looks comfortable and inviting

Lounge chair Kyle Buckner leather upholstery

Smooth elegance of the lines

Lounge chair Kyle Buckner looks comfortable and beautiful

 Precision in the finishing details

modern design luxury finishing touches

 Creative and innovative design

chair Kyle Buckner quality modern design

The smooth curves are drawing attention

modern design ideas red mahogany stain

furniture design ideas Lounge chair Kyle Buckner sleek appearance

 modern furniture design chair Kyle Buckner

furniture design Lounge chair luxury appearance



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