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The “Living Kitchen” – a new concept for kitchen interior design

by Kremy

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modern furniture warendorf wooden cupboards stone wall

Nowadays families, especially in cities, use the available space for various purposes. The “Living Kitchen” by the German based designer Warendorf is showing a new concept for kitchen interior design where you have clear visibility to the different area zones.

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warendorf living kitchen island cupboards


The concept of “Living Kitchen” by Warendorf is a novel design and offers comfort and rationality for the modern home while at the same time has a rustic feeling and keeps the traditional elements. This new approach to kitchen home interior design shows us how to combine and use the available room space in the best possible way. The stone walls and wooden cupboard lids look fantastic and gracefully complete each other in perfect harmony. There is enough space to keep everything stored so that the place looks in order and well arranged.

living kitchen interior design functional bar area stools

The great idea of the Living kitchen concept is that it gives you the chance to use the space and suit it with your personal needs. You may incorporate your home office or library in the kitchen and it will still look elegant. Looking at this kitchen interior design you see how modern technologies are used with the idea to ease the daily routine. This concept allows you to change the way you use it – cupboards can become wardrobes, if you wish and the bar is a perfect entertaining spot for you and your friends. The modern combination with rustic elements is designed in a relaxing way and will give an air of sophistication in your home.

fantastic living kitchen interior design warendorf incorporated home office

warendorf modern design storage shelves in the cupboards

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