Modern curved shelf with a futuristic design – Twin Shelves by gt2P

by Kremy

Modern curved shelf Twin Shelves gt2P elegant area divider

This modern curved shelf is a brilliant example of modern design. The Twin Shelves are designed by the Chilean studio gt2P and are a part of series of parametric furniture, digitally fabricated and generated by means of an algorithm which is based on Voronoi’s tessellation. You do not need to know what tessellation means, just enjoy the uniquely beautiful result.

Twin Shelves gt2P vertical position modern futuristic


To begin with, it is not just a modern curved shelf but a beautifully looking storage system and will find its place in any modern home. The twins designed by studio gt2 have the look of an open book and can be placed in an office or living room, even a bedroom. You have the option to place them horizontally and use them as a room area divider or vertically. Depending on the available space in your room, you could use them together or separately and have two pieces of furniture which will be as a mirror reflection to one another.

Twin Shelves gt2P modern shelf storage system home

Leaving the practical use aside, the design of this contemporary curved shelf is pleasing the eyes with its futuristic appearance. Being in the white palette, the twin storage system looks really artistic and luxurious. Made of lacquered MDF material, the twin shelves are a model which allows customization to the personal requirements of every client since the tessellation rule permits to regulate the number of inner subdivisions. The twin shelves are not a classic bookshelf where you will pile books and let them dust. This charming contemporary system will store your belongings in an elegant way and be a part of your decor at the same time.

contemporary curved shelf Twin Shelves gt2P fartistic lines

modern interior Twin Shelves gt2P elegant furniture

contemporary interior ideas Twin Shelves gt2P

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