Rockid chair cradle – a great idea for the nursery room by Ontwerpduo

by Kremy

Mother and baby nursery room furniture design ideas

What an idea – a rocking chair combined with a baby cot ensures relaxation of the mother and the child. Everyone who wants to set up a modern nursery will find the Rockid chair cradle most useful. While slowly swinging the cradle and reading a book or singing a lullaby, your baby can softly fall asleep.

Modern nursery room furniture rocking cradle


The piece of furniture for two designed by Ontwerpduo has many advantages – the mother can rest while the baby is asleep. Pure relaxation – especially in the first months where you sleep too little. While the child is asleep, the mother can read a book, knit or simply relax. If necessary, the child is very close and the baby can be easily comforted. The rocking chair is made of coated birch ply wood. The neutral colours create a feeling of relaxed and calm atmosphere. It is upholstered with soft fabrics, so that the seated person feels comfortable. Naturally, when setting up a nursery, everyone is looking at designres that take care of safety in the first place. Young mothers will immediately see the advantages and benefits of the Rockid chair cradle.

rockid rocking chair cradle by ontwerpduo

The young designer team from Holland combined practical and imagination in their designs. Not only do they design the products, they are actively involved in the manufacturing processes. They are always looking for new inspiration and try to refresh the daily work. The furniture of the designer duo is characterized by eclectic combination of materials, looks cheerful and is competently executed. Often, the work process offers unexpected challenges, but the designers solve the problems with a lot of creativity. The chair cradle is a definite proof of their talent and will be appreciated by all who want to set up a modern and comfortable nursery room. When your baby outgrows this cradle you could transform Rockid into a comfortable rocking chair.

awesome modern design Rockid Chair Cradle Ontwerpduo

Baby bed swing sweet idea furniture Ontwerpduo

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Cute and comfortable rocking with baby cradle Rockid

comfortable rocking with baby cradle Rockid


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