Baby bassinet and cradle with original design by Gloria Lavi

by Kremy

moveable baby bassinet and rocking cradle design gloria lavi

Once we are aware that a child is coming to the family we want the best for our child and a baby bassinet and cradle are one of the first in the list of the many other things we need. Designer Gloria Lavi is offering a gorgeous design, and it will be a really smart choice for the future parents to get one as they can see the child at all time.

Flexible baby bassinet and cradle with creative design

innovative furniture design baby bassinet and cradle by gloria lavi


Gloria Lavi is changing the nursery room furniture concept with the two-in-one Cruiser Bassinet and Dreamer Cradle. This cute kids cot features straight and clean lines and creativity and functionality in design. It is wonderfully convenient because the cot is on wheels and can be moved to any room in the house so there is no longer need for the parents to run to nursery room if the baby cried. The baby bassinet and cradle is equipped with supports that allow smooth movement from one room to the other as well as a gentle rocking back and forth.

Eco friendly and secure design of the baby bassinet and cradle

modern baby bassinet and cradle by gloria lavi

The inspiration for this contemporary piece of nursery furniture came to the young designer after wondering why all baby cradles are so rectangular. The baby bassinet and cradle have really stylish and practical design with elegant round legs. The long cut-outs in both sides of the cradle allow the parents to see the child and vice versa. And it is a common knowledge that newborns are much calmer when they see and hear their parents. The bassinet is entirely made in Germany and is of excellent quality with solid molded beech wood frame.

natural materials eco friendly design baby bassinet and cradle

  Beautiful kids furniture with curved lines

modern furniture design ideas baby bassinet and cradle


 The wheels allow easy and smooth movement

baby bassinet and cradle gloria lavi nursery room furniture

The side windows make sure you see the child


The rounded legs provide gentle rocking back and forth

baby bassinet and cradle gloria lavi support legs for rocking

Crafted of high quality materials

baby bassinet gloria lavi easy to move in every room of house

Eco friendly baby bassinet design

creative baby furniture design baby bassinet and cot with side cutouts




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