20 luxury baby cot designs and exquisite nursery rooms interiors

by Kremy

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A luxury baby cot is what your infant deserves. It is, in fact, what every child deserves. The arrival of a new member of the family is, of course, an incredibly exciting, of course, an incredibly exciting, memorable and touching moment for everybody. When designing and furnishing the room for the newborn child, many parents want to consider all the details and create a place where the child will feel comfortable and most of all safe.

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Luxury baby cot designs usually combine elegance and impeccable style. The market offers an abundance of necessary furniture and accessories in a traditional style and yet it is the attention to detail that makes an ordinary cot into an extraordinary and luxury piece of furniture. Beautiful poster curtains, fairy tale designs, soft colors and highest quality of materials and bedding are the elements of a really luxury nursery room.

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When choosing a luxury baby bed, parents should not forget that this is not the only piece of furniture which needs to be bought for the room of the newborn. Luxury nursery rooms designs follow the same rules as for any other exclusive interior designs.

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The visual perception of the baby has a direct relationship with its development as a whole and since the he or she spends most of the time in the nursery, the color choice is very important. Most often the room of the newborn is decorated using soft pastel colors – beige, blue, pink, white tones. Classic neutrals or bold and bright? If you are a fan of modern design with simple sleek lines then you probably will not want a cot that has lots of ornate details. White or cream would be a good choice if you want to create a modern light and airy feel within your nursery, dark colored wood works well if you would prefer something more traditional. But remember, the interior of a nursery room should not be sterile and boring. Add a few bright spots which will provoke the interest of the child and develop the concentration.

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Luxury cribs are usually hand made from wood or metal. High quality cradles will usually be made from oak, walnut or mahogany or wrought iron with exquisite ornate details.

furniture sets wooden crib baby interior

Every nursery room needs a storage space. Some elegant cribs offer under storage which is perfect for keeping various items, extra blankets, toys, etc.

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