Are You Looking for Baby Mats – Here’s How to Choose the Best Models!

by Kremy

A child’s development doesn’t start at kindergarten or school, it’s a process that begins at birth. A baby’s smile is one of the first conscious reactions to what is happening around. For a newly born baby, the world around is a huge mystery, and for him everything comes first: sounds, colors, smells, shapes. For the development of the child, it is necessary to organize a safe play area. Since games often take place on the floor, it is important to take care of a reliable floor covering and baby mats are perfect choice for this purpose.

What are the Types of Baby Mats and How to Choose One for Your Baby?

How to Choose the Best baby mats

The need to purchase a baby mat arises immediately after the baby is born. On the mat, your little one can easily roll over, play with toys and explore the environment. Also, games on the floor are as safe as possible for the baby. That is why it is important to take care of soft flooring in advance, since the comfort and health of the child are a priority for every parent. The market offers different types of baby mats so parents have a vast choice. Here are some of the main options:

Baby Playtime Mat

playtime mat for babies with pillow


One of the simplest yet most popular baby floor mats are the play mats. Padded baby play mats provide insulation from the floor and are comfortablefor the child. These floor mats have a variety of bright pictures.

Baby Mats with Arches

Baby mats with arches pros and cons

Baby mats with arches are a mini game center. In addition to the bright pictures, this type of baby playtime mats has one or more arches with toys that are fixed on special mounts. The arches are securely fixed, so that they will not fall if the child suddenly pulls hard on the toy.

Playmats with Soft Fence

Playmats with Soft protective Fence

These models have a soft fence and are a good option for babies who are just learning to crawl and roll over. There are products with and without arches.

Puzzle Playmats

Puzzle Playmats nursery room ideas

Puzzle mats consists of individual elements that must be connected to each other. The model is suitable for children from 2 years old who already know how to sit and walk.

choosing a playmat for your baby

When choosing a play mat for your baby, parents need to select a model suitable for the age of the child.

  • Mats for babies up to six months old – At this young age, the child is mostly lying down, so the best option would be a model with arches.
  • For children from six months to 1 year – playtime models with various elements that can make sound will do.
  • From 1 year or older – At this age, the baby becomes more and more conscious and more attracted to story games. Models with interactive details or puzzle mats are suitable.

Do You Need a Water Baby Mat and Bathtub Mat?

Do You Need a Water Baby Mat and Bathtub Mat

We come to another category – water mats and bathtub mats for babies. These are just as attractive as fabric mats and are growing in popularity among parents.

water baby mat develops motor skills

A water baby mat develops motor skills, teach children to distinguish shapes and colors, develop coordination and grasping reflex, thanks to the floating toys inside it. One of the main advantages of water mats is that they are very easy to use. You need to inflate the perimeter and fill the inner part with water. In addition, you can take it anywhere with you as it is compact and easy to fold. Water mats can be used when the baby is 2-3 months old.

bathtub mat for babies

A bathtub mat for babies is essential for the safety of your baby during bathing. It is a must for active, restless children who are in constant motion even in the bathroom. Bathtub mats are designed to protect the child as much as possible from falls and injuries during bathing. They are placed at the bottom of the tub and provide an anti-slip effect. Another purpose of bathtub mats for babies is to create additional comfort, coziness and atmosphere in the room. While some children love to swim, others are not friends with water. In this situation, baby bathtub mats can be especially useful. Thanks to the wide variety of models on the market, it is easy to choose a product that your child will like and arouse his interest in water procedures.



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