2022 Top Nail Trends – Length, Shape and Manicure Design Ideas

by Kremy

Women that follow fashion trends are aware of the fact that in recent years nails have become one of the most important forms of visual expression. For some, intricacy and flashy tones are a priority, for others, minimalism and modesty. In order not to get lost in the huge palette of designs, we will look at 2022 top nail trends.

2022 Top Nail Trends – Choose the Shape and Length of the Nail Plate

2022 Top Nail Trends Length Shape Design Ideas

Earlier we talked about trendy manicure designs for spring 2022. Now let’s look at 2022 top nail trends. When it comes to nail design many ladies are a little conservative. This is understandable because once they select a manicure that expresses their personality and fits their lifestyle, they try to maintain it.

Nail design, like everything in this world, does not stand in one place, it changes and improves. Masters offer completely new, original ideas that can create a unique image. Such nails emphasize individual character, hobbies, interests, etc. Of course, the occasion matters. You could be looking for wedding nail art ideas, Christmas or Valentine manicure, office-appropriate nail designs or seasonal decorations – there are different techniques for each of these.

Let’s look at the trendy nail plate shape for 2022. It is good to know that this year super long stiletto nails are not the way to go. Style and moderation are the hot trends and nail shape reflects that.

Square Nails

square nails nude manicure ideas


The square shape is very delicate and elegant. It looks good on nails of medium length. There are two shape options: square and soft square. The first option has sharp corners, and the second one has rounded ones. This shape is a great choice if you have large nail plates.

Almond Shape

Almond Nail Shape 2022 trends

This is a round shape, narrowed towards the tip. It can only be done on medium long and long nails. This shape looks very elegant and feminine and helps to make your fingers look longer.

Oval Nails

oval nail shape with minimalist decoration

Oval is the most natural nail shape. Such nails look very gentle and elegant. The shape is suitable for nails of any length and makes them visually longer.

2022 Top Nail Trends Choose the Shape and Length

As far as nail length is concerned, it is always an individual criterion. It must be chosen, taking into account your favorite shape and your own comfort. However, keep in mind that naturalness is a top nailscape trend in 2022. Therefore, fashion experts consider the average length to be the most successful. It will help emphasizing your grace and elegance. Nails of medium length are convenient in everyday life, they do not create discomfort and do not interfere with the performance of everyday activities. At the same time, medium-length nails are long enough to create an interesting design.

2022 Top Nail Trends and Manicure Designs

2022 Top Nail Trends and Manicure Designs

Looking at fashionable manicure women are often tempted to experiment. There is nothing wrong with that. You should never forget that your manicure should make you happy so let’s look at 2022 Top nail trends and design ideas!

Chequerboard Nails

Chequerboard nails 2022 top trends

One of the main nail trends for 2022 is the checkerboard pattern. You can play with different fashionable manicure colors and variations – the classic black and white or different colors on each finger. This nail art is suitable for women who are not afraid of bold experiments. Chequerboard nails look unusual, and in some shades even aggressive. However, the pattern can look delicate and intriguing if reproduced in fragments, for example, in combination with a moon manicure. This type of nail art looks best on short square-shaped nails.

Trendy Minimalist Nails

trendy manicure design ideas minimalist style

Minimalism in nail design will appeal to everyone who does not like bright colors and excessive nail decorations. Its huge plus is that several thin lines and small dots of any color look creative even on a transparent coating. Trendy minimalist nails feature elegant designs with dots, lines and minimum color. Minimalist nail art looks very gentle on short and medium long nails of any shape.

2022 Manicure Trends – Short Nude Nails

Short Nude Nails 2022 Manicure Trends

Short nude nails are one of the top trends for 2022 reflecting the idea of naturalness. You can wear a beautiful manicure in nude shades for the office and for every day. The nude palette includes elegant and feminine powdery pinkish, peach and beige tones. The basic nude tone can be complemented with a variety of decorations, glitter, rhinestones, drawings, etc.

Emerald Green Acrylic Nails

Emerald Green Acrylic Nails

Emerald is the color of a gemstone. However, in nature, there are emeralds of different shades: deep green, light green, green with a blue undertone, etc. It is not a surprise that emerald green acrylic nails are among 2022 top trends because the color is used by stylists to create both an incredible nail art for going out and a discreet manicure for every day.



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