Trendy Manicure 2022 – 10 Fashionable Colors to Look for This Year

by Kremy

Complementing well groomed hands with trendy nail art is a favorite practice of many women around the world. Whether it’s a dark or rather light varnish, the famous French manicure or neon shades… the choice is literally endless and girls very often have difficulty choosing among the several options available to them. But, what is THE trendy manicure 2022 that you can adopt with your eyes closed? Having in mind that naturalness is the major trend, we shall look at 10 colors that will set the fashion this year. Follow us!

Manicure Trend 2022 – Look at the 10 Key Shades of the Year

Trendy Manicure 2022 Fashionable Colors

Do you want to wear a trendy nail art in 2022? Before moving on to the colors that will reign this year, it is essential to remember nail care is important if you want to have a perfect manicure!

Now there are different textures and dozens of variations of each color that you can choose from as well as hundreds of ways to decorate your nails. Every season we always come across new nail trends that we want to try out as soon as possible. Pantone has announced the trendy colors of 2022 that will dominate the fashion industry in the coming seasons and we shall certainly see them in 2022 nail trends. And, now, we are focusing on the colors that will be present on the hands of stylish women and which embody the natural look.

Trendy Manicure 2022 – The Nude Color Palette

Trendy Manicure 2022 The Nude Color Palette


Spring, summer, winter… whatever the season, nude nails are chic, minimalist and versatile and a good choice for all types of occasions. Nude manicure is appropriate throughout the year, which makes nude shades mega popular among women all over the world. Choose milky, light pink, coffee with milk, cream, light brown, beige, sand color if you are attracted to the trendy nude nail design. Optionally, decorate the nails with glitter, gold, white, but remember that in 2022 minimalism is the reigning style in nail art, so be careful not to overload your nails with decorations.

Transparent Manicure in 2022

Transparent Manicure 2022 trend

Need a trendy summer 2022 manicure that creates a 100% natural effect? The transparent varnish is therefore made for you. To achieve such a minimalist effect, all you need to do is opt for a gel base coat that will strengthen your nails, stimulate their growth and protect them against everyday ailments.

Salted Caramel Nail Color

Salted Caramel Nail Color

A whole palette of elegant browns and especially caramel will be trending in 2022. Salted caramel is one of the trendy colors of 2022 as announced by Pantone. Caramel color is associated with simplicity and tranquility. As a solid color, it’s gorgeous, and looks great with chunky jewelry. The brown palette can be used in different design techniques.

Manicure Trend 2022 Colors – Pantone’s Very Peri

Fashionable Nail Colors Very Peri

One of the main colors of 2022 according to Pantone is Very Peri. Shades of purple and blue are the perfect nail polish color this season if you’re into fashion. This spectacular and stylish shade emphasizes all the advantages of a strong female character.

Soft Pink Nail Color

Soft Pink Trendy Nail Colors For 2022

Soft pink is a very delicate color that will be in trend in 2022. It can be worn in monochrome or in combination with other colors: blue, gray, green, blue. It is also the perfect color for a bridal manicure or rose quartz nail art. Pink is a classic shade that is easy to wear and can be matched to any taste and style. Its charming, discreet and romantic appearance is suitable for women of all ages.

White Nail Art

Trendy White Manicure 2022

Do you like classic French manicure with white tips? Then try to paint all your nails with this color! The trendy white manicure is elegant, timeless and goes well with any outfit, no matter the occasion. It is suitable for both long and short nails. White is just perfect for any season: in winter it blends beautifully with the snowy landscape around, and in summer it emphasizes the tan in a fabulous way. Be sure this color will be the trendiest light shade this year.

Gray Nail Art Designs

Gray Nail Art fashionable colors for 2022

A very often overlooked color, gray suits all nail types and its lighter shades tend to bring a natural look to our hands. The gray varnish can be used in a matte, shiny or glittery version. But, given that we are aiming for natural and minimalist nails, it is better to keep to the lightest possible shades.

2022 Trendy Nail Colors – Shades of Green

Shades of Green 2022 Trendy Nail Colors

Green is not just among the most fashionable shades of the year. In 2022 we shall see a variety of modern nail designs in the green palette – emerald green, sage, mint, olive, spring greens and of course, khaki.

Pantone 2022 Sky Blue Color – Trendy Nails Ideas

Trendy Nails Ideas Pantone 2022 Sky Blue Color

A Pantone 2022 color that is worth taking note of in the coming season is sky blue. It looks great in the design of nails of any shape and length. A year-round shade that will suit any skin tone, use it as a base for nail art or simply for a solid manicure.

Trendy Yellow Manicure

Trendy Yellow Nail art 2022 Ideas

In 2022, stylists are increasingly talking about a bright palette, unusual combinations, and color therapy. And they recommend, for example, yellow manicure instead of black. Do not forget that yellow shades are hugely popular in fashion as well. This color is great for mood lifting and it goes well with bright warm shades. Therefore, a manicure in this color will become an incredibly fashionable accent in the summer.



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