2022 Adult Pigtails Hairstyles – Braids and Buns are Fashionable Again!

by Kremy

What are 2022 adult pigtails hairstyles? The good news is that braids and buns are back and you can wear them all year long in any way you can think of!

2022 Adult Pigtails Hairstyles Fashionable Hairdos

Pigtails are a universal hairstyle both for every day and for evening parties. Do you know that this hairstyle was fashionable 2000 BC? It is hardly a surprise that braids are still one of the favorite hairdos for women of all ages and social status. Just think about it – famous stylists experiment with braids and offer us something new and interesting every year!

Why Choose Pigtails Hairstyles?

Why Choose Pigtails Hairstyles


Braids never go out of fashion. They are a universal hairdo that will complement any style. There is a huge number of different braiding techniques – from fishtail to French braids, micro-braids, African braids, box braids, etc. Why choose pigtails hairstyles? Here are some of the main reasons:

  • Braided hairstyles make women look tender and feminine
  • Braids are convenient. You can “hide” not perfectly clean curls and quickly create a neat hairstyle.
  • If you go to bed with wet hair braided in a braid, you can get gentle waves in the morning.
  • The braid is an ideal and, most importantly, a simple evening hairstyle for almost any celebration: wedding, prom, anniversary or social gathering.

In addition, 2022 adult pigtails hairstyles are a fashion trend and you will surely not remain unnoticed. On the contrary, you will certainly attract the attention of passers-by.

Trendy Adult Pigtails Hairstyles – Choose the Perfect Look for Yourself

Trendy Adult Pigtails Hairstyles

A trendy hairstyle is part of the beautiful look. Fortunately there are many options for trendy adult pigtails hairstyles. Braided hairstyles can be romantic, strict, elegant or bold – depending on what kind of braid and what hairstyle you choose.

High Pigtails

High Pigtails Perfect Everyday Hairstyle

This is the perfect choice of hairstyle for every day. Simply divide your hair and tie it on both sides. Optionally, you can braid the pigtails.

2022 Adult Pigtails Hairstyles with Braids

2022 adult pigtails hairstyles ideas

Pigtails hairstyles are quite simple and easy to do, but at the same time very stylish and beautiful. A braid looks great for every day and in a casual smart style, beautifully opening the neck line. This styling can be easily created without special skills.

2022 Pigtail Hairstyle – Buns

2022 Pigtail Hairstyle Buns

This is a fantastic hairstyle with a Boho look ideal for long and medium hair length that suit many girls. Pigtail buns are one of the most relaxed hairstyles and it takes minutes to do them.

Braided Double Buns Ideas

Gather your hair into pigtails and loop into buns – neat or messy, depending on your mood and style. Braided pigtail buns, half up buns are variations of this hairstyle.

Pigtail Double Top Knots

Pigtail Double Top Knots

This hairstyle is reminiscent of pigtail buns or space buns. It looks cool casual and playful and is ideal for going out with friends, going to a pool party or to the beach. You need to divide your hair in half and twist each half into a high loose chignon.

French and Dutch Braid Pigtails

French and Dutch Braid Pigtails

French and Dutch braids are suitable for long and medium long hair. These are classic braids that have not lost popularity for decades. You can easily create these hairstyles by braiding your pigtails but stopping at the neckline, leaving the rest of the hair loose.

Fishtail Braids

Fishtail Braids

The fishtail braid is a variation of the French braid. This is the perfect braid for those who prefer originality. The braiding technique seems complicated, but it’s not. For many, it is much easier than other braids, although it is woven from four strands, and not from three. Usually the braid is made from four strands of the same thickness, but you can combine thick with thin ones and then the braid will look even more interesting.

Twisted Rope Braids Pigtails

Twisted Rope Braids Pigtails

The rope braids are an alternative to the usual braid, which looks sleeker and more original. This hairstyle looks great on long hair. This braid is not woven from three, but from only two strands.



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