How to Catify Your Home – Cool Ideas That Will Make Your Cat Happy

by Kremy

The cat is one of the most popular pets, which is not surprising. She belongs to companion animals and is the smallest representative of the predatory mammals. Cats are known for their acrobatic jumping and balancing on tiny surfaces. Having a comfortable and safe place for your pet will make it really happy which leads us to the questions – How to catify your home?

How to Catify Your Home Make Your Cat Happy

What does catify mean? If you have a pet, you have probably heard the word “catification” which became quite popilar and is used to describe a feline-friendly environment designed for your little friend. Domestic cats can be quite energetic and will be grateful for as many opportunities as possible to keep their mind and body active. And that is all about catifying your home – create a special space for scratching, climbing, exploring, and napping!

How Do I Catify My House?

How Do I Catify My House


Domestic cats are so diverse that it is impossible to describe their character. From playful to calm these furry friends are really sociable and loving. It is certain that every pet owner wants the best environment for his little friend. Many people ask how to catify their home in the best possible way so that humans and cats live together in piece and harmony. The good news is that it is not difficult to catify your house and we have prepared some great ideas for you!

How to Catify Your Home – Create Vertical Space to Climb and Jump

DIY Ideas for Vertical Space for cats to Climb and Jump

It is in their nature to climb and cats just love it. You have noticed how cats climb on your furniture, haven’t you? Well, when you want to catify your home, think vertical! There are many options to create a special area for climbing and jumping – from cat trees to cat shelves with a modern design that look like pieces of furniture. Of course, if you prefer DIY projects, you can build your own shelves and create a cat route in the room.

Play, Hunt and Hide Space

Play Hunt and Hide Space for cats

Cats are descendants of mice hunters, it is in their nature. This does not mean that your kitty will want to chase mice or bring “gifts” but providing a special place for playing is a necessity. Toys that mimic the hunt are essential, so make sure you have thought of a suitable place for that. How about a hiding place? Hiding places make cats feel calm and secure. Every home pet looks for such a place to hide. Boxes are the favorite hiding place and if you want to catify your home, make sure to have one or more boxes for your pet to hide and observe the life around it. DIY projects are a great way to catify your house on a budget. You can combine several boxes and have a climbing, jumping and hiding places in one construction.

Provide Scratching Surfaces for Your Kitty

Provide Scratching Surfaces for Your Kitty

To complete the catification of your house, you need to provide scratching surfaces for your kitty. Why cats need to scratch? Well, this is their way to exercise and stretch their muscles as well as keep their nails in shape. You can opt for horizontal or vertical surfaces (scratching pad or scratching post) and save your furniture and curtains from the attacks of your kitty.

Place for Food, Water and Sleep

Place for Food Water and Sleep

A soft pet bed, a comfortable cushion or even an ordinary cardboard with a chair cushion can do the trick. If food, water, and litter box are located in accessible areas, then your home is catified!


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