DIY Dog Areas in Back Garden: Enhance the Well-Being of Your Pet, Enlarging Their Living Space!

by Snezhana Besarabova

Setting DIY dog areas in the back garden offers a secure space for your pet to run and play. Moreover, it allows your furry friend to enjoy outdoors close to you and the other people who love them. What are the numerous benefits for creating such a space? Here is the substantial list of creative ideas in connection with pet’s yard place design.

Should Dogs Live in the Backyard?

ideas for dog area in yard happy dog in the yard

Dogs are social animals, who become strongly attached to their owners. But in addition to human companionship, they need to have some activities, and access to a backyard would make their lives rather more happy. However, it should be noted, that it’s not a good idea the pet to spend all their day time and live in the backyard. They need social interaction with people in the house, and continuous mental stimulation. Pet have to play and exercise daily and feel human presence to develop their abilities, feeling pleased and healthy. So, DIY dog areas in back garden should be made as an addition to their living space.

Ideas for DIY Dog Areas in Back Garden

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Before planning DIY dog areas in the back garden, think carefully about your furry friend’s habits and what you want them to do there, according to your upbringing approach. There are some tips for making a dog-friendly space that your pet will probably appreciate:

  • Interactive toy or puzzle: You may place in the dog’s area interactive toys or a puzzle to help them develop problem-solving skills. This will also entertain your furry companion for a long time, allowing them not to feel left out.

dog park diy dog areas in back garden interactive toy

  • Sensory stimulation plays: Your pet should develop their sense of smell, because it is one of the most important of their abilities, and they rely on it. Therefore, including sensory stimulation plays is good for maintaining their olfactory senses in perfect form. So, hide their toys around or scatter treats. This is also useful to encourage your pet’s exploration and mental stimulation.

diy dog area in backyard dog playing and running

  • Water and food bowl: Fix a water fountain or a water bowl so that your pet may drink anytime they are of need to hydrate themselves. You can also include in their area a feeding place with a bowl, if you prefer to give them the food outside.

how to make a dog area in your backyard dog water and food outdoor

  • Shade canopy or sail: It’s good if there are spots of natural shade in your furry companion’s area. If there are not enough trees or walls, or other shade making things, consider installing a canopy or shade sail as an additional protection from the midday sun rays.

diy dog areas in back garden comfortable bed

  • Secure dog fence: It’s of vital importance your pet’s area to be fenced off to prevent a possible escape, which could be dangerous for them, and not liked by your neighbors. Search for a secure fence design, according to your furry companion’s breed and the size.

backyard dog area ideas a safe dog fence

  • Comfortable bed or house: These are among the most important things for your pet. They need a suitable place to sleep and rest. Therefore, prepare them a cushioned bed or other cozy spot, where they can unwind and take naps. If your pet companion spends a lot of time outside, you should buy or construct a little dog house.

dog area in backyard ideas dog shelter and house

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What is the Best Outdoor Surface for Dogs?

One of the most important considerations when deciding how to make DIY dog areas in back garden is what kind of outdoor surface to place there. The material, which are presented here, are essential for the pet’s safety and comfort:

separate dog area in backyard grass coverage

  1. Artificial turf: Synthetic grass substitute is enough soft and comfortable for your pet’s area flooring. Its advantages are easy cleaning, the dog’s impossibility to dig it, and the fact that there is no need for watering and mowing it.
  2. Paving stones or concrete: Both these surfaces are stable, and your furry friend is not able to dig them. Stones and concrete are also easy to clean, but become hot during summer days. In this case, you should add shady spots and a lot of water to help the pet to cope with overheating.
  3. Grass coverage: Although grass require more maintenance, your pet will feel more comfortable and healthy with this natural surface. You should restore some problematic spots, which your furry companion may dig, and that are wear from excessive pet’s traffic.

Setting DIY dog areas in back garden will greatly enhance your furry companion’s quality of life. It provides a free space for plays, the possibility to exercise and relax close to your house. By including some useful elements, you can turn them into a dog-friendly space, which is helpful for your pet’s well-being.

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