How to Tire Out a Dog at Night? Benefit Both You and the Pet from a Walk or Game!

by Snezhana Besarabova

A dozen of neighbors, awakened at night by your barking dog, is a quite confusing situation. Of course, as the owner of the animal, you are responsible for the pet not to repeat this again, or the furry friend won’t be longer staying with you. So, what you should do, and what are the reasons for such a behavior? There are no bad pets, but animal owners that haven’t got enough knowledge about their dogs’ feelings, needs, and trainings. These animals are energetic creatures, and ensuring they get sufficient exercise is crucial for their physical and mental well-being. When they don’t receive enough of this, our pets can be especially troubled and active in dark hours when it’s time for them and us to rest. If you’re looking for ways how to tire out a dog at night and help it settle down for a sleep, this article is just the one you need!

How Do You Calm Down a Hyper Dog at Night?

how to tire out a dog at night give him a mental exercise (1)

Calming down your furry friend is essential for its overall well-being. You may also benefit from taking part in your pet’s stress-free activities, exercise with him in the evening. Knowing how to tire out a dog at night will help to promote a peaceful night’s sleep.

Mental Stimulation

how to tire dog out at night do a menthal stimulation


Engaging your dog’s mind is essential to lower their hyperactivity. Puzzle or interactive toys, as well as training sessions, provide a good mental stimulation. These activities require focus and concentration, tiring out your furry friend’s brain and helping them relax.

Evening Activity

how to tire my dog out before bed let the dog play interective games

Take your hyperactive dog for a long walk in the park or engage in vigorous play sessions during the evening. A tired animal is more likely to settle down at night. Aim for at least 30 minutes of exercise for it to burn off excess energy. When you are searching for ways how to tire out a dog at night, remember to avoid walks or intense running right before bedtime, as this might actually stimulate your pet before sleep.

Calming Routine

how do you calm down a hyper dog at night do some petting

Establishing a consistent calming routine can signal to your dog that it’s time to wind down. Create a relaxing environment by dimming the lights, playing soothing music, and providing your pet with a comfortable bed. Engage in a calming routine such as gentle brushing or massage to help your pet to relax and prepare for sleep.

How to Tire Out a Dog in an Apartment?

how to tire out a dog at night stimulate him to run upstairs and downstairs

By employing mental stimulation, regular exercise, you can learn how to tire out a dog at night effectively, even in an apartment setting. Give your pet enough exhausting activities.

Indoor Activity

how to tire out a dog at home suggest the pet interactive games

Living in an apartment doesn’t mean your dog can’t burn off energy. Play interactive games like hide-and-seek, where it searches for treats or toys, or engage in indoor fetch using soft toys or balls. These games allow your animal friend to exercise in a limited space.

Exhausting Exercises

how to tire out a dog at night stimulate him to run upstairs and downstairs

If your apartment has a staircase, utilize it for exercise. Safely guide your dog up and down the stairs a few times, ensuring they maintain a controlled pace. Be cautious with this activity, especially if your pet has joint issues or is prone to accidents.

Active Game

how do you calm down a hyper dog at night give him a tug toy

Tug-of-war is a great approach when you are searching for the proper way how to tire out a dog at night. Use a sturdy rope toy or a tug toy specifically designed for this purpose. Engage in this activity in a controlled manner, ensuring you set clear boundaries and teach your four-legged friend to release the toy on command.

How to Tire Out a Puppy Before Bed?

how to tire out an 8 week old puppy let the pet runn on some stairs

Take part in active play sessions with your puppy during the evening, allowing them to burn off energy. It’s easy to do, especially if you have children to take part in your puppy games.


how to tire out a puppy before bed give him toys like balls

Give them a chance to play, the better way is along with your children. Use toys that encourage physical activity, such as balls or plush toys. Remember, puppies have limited stamina, so avoid overexertion that may cause harm to them.

Mental Activity

how to tire out an 8 week old puppy let him take part in an active game

Puppies have curious minds and benefit from mental stimulation. So, you should incorporate puzzle or treat-dispensing toys to challenge their cognitive abilities. This mental exercise will tire them out, making it easier for the little pets to settle down at night.

Training Sessions

how to tire out a puppy before bed do some training by executing commands

Training your puppy not only helps with discipline, but also tires them out mentally and physically. Teach them basic commands, such as “sit,” “stay,” or “lie down”, and reward your little pet with treats or praise. Short and focused training sessions can be a great energy burner for them.

Do Dogs Hate Waking Up?

how to tire out a dog in an apartment prepare him for sleep with a calm environment

Knowing do your pet have problems when waking up in dark hours, gives us some answers in understanding how to tire out a dog at night.

  • Natural wake-up signals: Dogs typically wake up naturally based on their internal clocks. They are sensitive to daylight, sounds, and activity levels. Some of them may wake up earlier in the morning due to their innate instincts, while others may prefer to sleep in. Pay attention to your pet’s individual behavior patterns to establish a routine that suits their needs.
  • Morning rituals: Just like humans, dogs benefit from a calm and positive waking experience. Allow them to wake up naturally and gently greet your pet with soothing tones and petting. This sets a peaceful tone for the day.

how to tire out a dog at night do some training exercises


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