12 Creative DIY Rabbit Hutch Ideas and Tips to Always Keep Your Pet Secure!

by Radost P.

How to build your dream rabbit home without spending money on expensive cages? Which tools and plans you will need? How to ensure that your pet is always safe and secure? 

How to Keep Your Pet Safe and Secure? Here Are Simple DIY Rabbit Hutch Ideas to Consider!

how to build a rabbit hutch cheap and easy

Taking your time to build a rabbit hutch is beneficial in several ways. Firstly, you will save some money, while choosing the specific design that you have in mind. Secondly, you will have the opportunity to express your creativity, which is fulfilling for most people.

Sectional Rabbit Hutch Plan

sectional rabbit hutch plan


In case you have several rabbits, it is best to consider using a sectional hutch plan. The good thing is that this cage can be easily transported to a covered shelter. The tools you will need are carpenter square, staple gun, tin snips, impact driver, a hammer, circular saw, and a drill. 

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Two-Story Rabbit Hutch Idea

two story rabbit hutch plan

This two-story hutch plan allows your rabbit to eat and sleep in one place, while playing in another. Besides, it is easy to put the hutch wherever you choose in your backyard. Make sure that you have the following tools – table saw, circular saw, jigsaw, drill, and a pocket hole jig. 

DIY Rabbit Hutch – Safe House

rabbit house

Want to build a house for your pet that provides safety? In this case, consider this idea – elevated hutch in a cottage-like style. Which tools you need? Just a few ones – wire cutters, a hammer, metal snippers, utility knife, drill machinery, and a drill. 

Indoor Rabbit Hutch

indoor rabbit hutch plan

This creative indoor rabbit hutch gives your pet the chance to play on two floors! Imagine how much fun would that experience bring to the bunny? The tools and materials that you need are drill machinery, miter saw, staple gun, clamps, and a drill. Ensure that you also have wood glue, screws, and staples.

Keep Your Pet Secure

free rabbit hutch plan simple

Isn’t this rabbit hutch adorable? Your bunny will have enough space to eat, play, and sleep, so that you don’t need to worry about a thing! The required tools are: a drill, miter saw, pocket hole jig, a pencil, tape measure, safety glasses, hearing protection, and a circular saw.

What Is The Best Bedding For My Pet?

comfortable home for rabbits

According to experts, the most suitable bedding for a rabbit is ‘’a newspaper that is topped with a layer of dust extracted, and wood-based cat litter pellets’’. For the winter months, you can also top them with a layer of soft straw for an added sense of comfort and warmth. 

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How Often Should I Clean My Rabbit’s Home?

how often should i clean my rabbits home

We know that you want to ensure that your pet is healthy and happy, so that it can live for as long as possible. To protect your rabbit from diseases and insects, make sure that you remove dirty bedding on a daily basis. Also, clean the bowls with pet-safe cleaning product and water. According to experts, it is wise to keep food and toilet spaces separate. 

How My Pet’s Home Should Look Like?

how my rabbits cage should look like

No matter if your pet is living outdoors or indoors, you should make sure that its house consists of several things. Firstly, it is good to provide the so-called exercise area, where the bunny can play whenever it chooses to. Make sure that this space is free from dangerous things, like cleaning agents or garden plants. Secondly, keep in mind that rabbits are social beings, so it is great if you have at least two pets at the same place. Thirdly, provide a place for them to explore and hide, such as boxes and tubes. Lastly, there should be enough shade that keeps the animals cool throughout the hot summer days. 

Can You Provide Enough Space For Your Pet?

As you probably know, rabbits generally live in the wild, so it is best for their living space to be as big as possible. The pet’s hutch should be so large that the bunny has enough space to jump high, run, lie down, or stand up on their legs. As a result, your rabbit is going to feel happy.

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