25 Ideas on What to Wear on a First Date in Summer 2023: Outfit Inspirations

by Gabby

Girls… Dating is hard! Yes, we are going to talk about one of the most discussed topics during Summer. This season is flirty and we can all feel it! But finding the right person can be a tough job. I don’t know about the guys, but ladies, we always want to look at our absolute best on a first date. The first impression is the one that will make a huge impact on how a person sees you. That’s why, we have to be fabulous right? Here comes the big question – what to wear on a first date in Summer? Let me inspire you with these 25 ideas!

What to Wear on a First Date in Summer? Find 25 Ideas to Inspire you!

what to wear on a first date in summer outit ideas inspo 2023

Are you planning on going on a first date with someone special this Summer? Then you probably keep thinking about the rule “dress to impress”. Most of us girls, live by this motto, but often forget that looks are not what is going to impress a guy. Yes, you have to dress properly and you have to look cute, don’t get me wrong. Your outfit should reflect your personality and let you express yourself in the best way possible. Summer is the most pleasant season to go out and have fun. Now let me spark your imagination with 25 ideas to choose from!

Is It OK to Wear Jeans on a First Date?

Who can say what’s the best recipe for a nice date? It all depends on different factors. BUT, dressing yourself however you want and feeling comfy is the best things that you can do. With that being said, yes, you can wear jeans on a first date, as long as you feel good in them. Your confidence will come if you are feeling yourself enough. Our only advice is to incorporate different bright colors to ensure your good mood. It is proven that when people see fun colors, they instantly have positive thoughts! Keep that in mind!

is it ok to wear jeans on a first date summer outfit ideas 2023


Is It a Good Idea to Wear a Dress on a First Date?

Is there something better than a woman in a Summer dress? I don’t think so! Ladies, pick out your favorite dress and rock it on the first date in the Summer 2023! You can wear something colorful and bright, or something better – floral mini dress! I hear men love these! The dress will make you look and feel feminine, which is perfect for the occasion! It doesn’t matter if the date is at night or during the day, I am sure you can find a dress in your closet that will make you shine!

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is it a good idea to wear a dress on a first date summer outfit ideas 2023

Date Night Outfit Ideas 2023

date night outfit ideas 2023 dinner summer fashion trends

Your first date could take place in the night! So you have to be prepared with the outfit! Why not go for the easiest and the most obvious choice – a little black dress? Play it safe with something that you know looks good on you. You know that there is no woman out there that doesn’t look in a small black dress. Put on some heel and you are ready to go!

What NOT to Wear on a First Dress?

My darlings, I am sure some of you might be a little shocked here and many of you don’t like to play by the rules, HOWEVER… There is a piece of clothing that I think you should avoid wearing on a first date AT ALL COST. And what is it? A white maxi dress can give the wrong impression and might scare someone off.

what not to wear on a first date summer outfit 2023

This reminds me of one of my favorite episodes of Friends, where Rachel, Phoebe and Monica were wearing wedding dresses and you know what happens next… Jokes aside, we all know that girls love to make plans in their heads and we love to daydream. But let’s not make men think that we have these thoughts from the first date… Let’s get back on topic and talk about more fashion trends 2023!

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what to abosolutely avoid wearing on a first date fashion tips

Summer Fashion Trends 2023: First Date Outfit Inspirations

brunch date outfit ideas fashion tips trends 2023

Casual Date Outfit: Summer Fashion Inspo 2023

casual date outfit ideas for the summer fashion trends 2023 monochrome look

Boho Outfit Ideas for a First Date in Summer 2023

boho outfit ideas for women 2023 casual date trends

Maxi Dress: First Date Outfit Ideas 2023

best first fate outfit ideas maxi dress fashion trends 2023

Night Out Outfit Ideas 2023: Black Monochrome Look

casual night out ideas 2023 girls fashion inspo

Holiday First Date Outfit: Resort Fashion Trends for Women

holiday first date outfit ideas resort fashion for women 2023

Coffee Date Outfit: Monochrome Green Look with Trendy Accessories 2023

coffee date outfit how to dress in the summer 2023 ideas

Cute First Date Outfit Ideas

cute date outfit ideas 2023 skirt and a shirt fashion inspo

Brunch Outfit Idea in Summer 2023: A Maxi White Shirt with a Skirt

casual first date outfit ideas for women with mini skirt and a shirt heels fashion trends 203

What to Wear on a First Date in Summer 2023?

first date outfit ideas

Chic Night Out Black Outfit Idea for Short Girls

chic outfit ideas for a first date in the summer

Picnic First Date: Monochrome Outfit Idea with a Matching Headband

picnic outfit ideas summer fashion casual 2023

Mens Date Night Outfit Ideas 2023

mens date night outfit ideas 2023 summer fashion trends

Mini Metallic Dress for a Night Out in Summer

night out outfit ideas for women 2023 fashio trends metalic mini dress

Cute Date Outfit Ideas for a Brunch or a Coffee Place

lunch date outfit 2023 fashion tips and trends ideas

Movie Date Night Outfit Idea

movie date outfit ideas 2023 summer fashion inspo

Is It Okay to Wear a Dress for a First Date? Wear a Cute Mini Pink One!

what is the best dress for a first date in the summer pink mini casual outfit ideas

Feathered Outfit for a First Day This Summer

women summer fashion trends first date outfit ideas 2023

Cute Summer Mini Dress That Is Perfect for a First Date

floral dress for a first date outfit ideas 2023

Ice Cream First Date Outfit Inspo

ice cream coffee first date casual outfit ideas 2023

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