Rules in Beer Pong – This Is How You Officially Play It!

by Kremy

A game of beer pong at a party is always good. There is always someone to be found at the beer pong table and it can get fanatical. And because it can get tense at the last minute, it also happens that someone makes up a rule. The result: everyone plays with different beer pong rules. That’s why we’re here to help you, to set the record straight. These are the real rules in beer pong.

What Do You Need To Play Beer Pong?

Rules in Beer Pong This Is How You Officially Play It

Beer pong! Who does not know it – the competitive game in which a ping pong ball has to be thrown into the opponent’s cup. Beer pong is originally an American drinking game, and has now really become part of any party. The great thing about beer pong is that you can play it almost anywhere. Of course we all know the basics of the game, but today we are going to explain everything in detail.

What Supplies Do You Need for a Beer Pong Game?

What Supplies Do You Need to play Beer Pong


You don’t need a lot for a good game of beer pong. Just make sure you have the following supplies at home:

  • A table: you don’t necessarily have to have an official beer pong table, a long table from the kitchen also works fine.
  • Plastic cups: Both teams need 12 to 20 plastic beer cups of 12 to 16 ounces (355 – 473 ml) and two plastic water cups.
  • Beer pong balls: you can purchase special ones for this, but in principle these are just ping pong balls.
  • Beer, beer and more beer. Or liquor, for the real fighters. There are many ladies who don’t like it that beer so you can try with wine or mixed drink.

Rules in Beer Pong: This Is How You Officially Play It

Rules in Beer Pong This Is How You Officially Play It

When you have collected all the supplies, the game can begin. You play beer pong in teams or one against one. Ten cups are placed on both sides of the table in the shape of a pyramid. The cups are about 1/3 filled with beer. The teams are opposite each other at the table. The best number for a team is 2 to 3 people. More or less is also possible, but then it takes very long before you can throw.

The aim is now for the teams or players to take turns throwing the ball into one of the opponents’ cups. If you hit, the opponent must drink the relevant cup and set it aside. This cup is no longer in the game. The first team or player to empty all the opposing cups is the winner!

Here are the beer pong rules:

Although basically the game goes as explained above, there are also a number of rules.

Eye to Eye

Eye to eye rule determines which team goes first drinking games

The eye to eye rule is used to determine which team goes first. One player from each team throws a ball into the other team’s cup while maintaining eye contact with their opponent team. In case that both players win (or miss), another player throws and this is repeated until it is decided which team goes first.

Elbows Behind Rule

how to play beer pong rules and tricks

During the throw, the elbows of the throwing player must not extend past the edge of the table to avoid creating extra length. This is against the beer pong rules.


What Do You Need to Play Beer Pong

In case the ball hits the table and then hits a cup, the cup is removed as well as another one chosen by the opponent’s team.

Rearranging the Cups

Beer Pong is a legendary drinking game

The terms for rearranging the cups vary, but generally, the idea is that each team can ask to re-arrange their cups twice per game.

Death Cup

party drinking games how to play beer pong

Once hit, the cup is considered a Death cup until the opponent player drinks it. If you hit the same before the beer is drank, the game is immediately over and that team has won.

Solo Cup/Lonely Cup

beer pong table how to play the game

The idea of this beer pong rule is that each player can hit a specific cup. The player announces his intentions and the only condition is that the cup is single and not touching any other cups. If the hit is successful, the cup is removed along with an additional cup. If the hit fails, the cup that is hit unintentionally, remains on the table.

Beer Pong is the most legendary drinking game in the world. It has many variations and whether you’re at a party or having a night out with friends, it’s always fun!





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