5 Things to Know Before Repainting Your Home Interior

by Kremy

Paint is the most versatile finishing material and it is always trendy. Perhaps you want to refresh your home or change the look and atmosphere of a room? The good news is that nowadays you can choose among thousands of colors, combine different textures and degrees of gloss. What do you need to know before repainting your home interior? Find out the answers!

Make a Plan Before Repainting Your Home Interior

5 Things to Know Before Repainting Your Home Interior

Repainting your home interior requires some preparation which is hardly a surprise because home improvement is a serious task. You need to how much paint to buy, what tools you will need, as well as covers for floor, furniture, etc. In addition, it is a good idea to determine how much time you will need for the work. For example, depending on the color you selected and the desired intensity, you may need to apply two layers of paint. This means that once you apply the first layer, it will need time to dry. Different types of paint have different drying time and it may vary from 2 to 24 hours. Some people choose to paint over wallpapers which also affects the drying time.

Choose Your Paint Color

choosing wall paints home improvement


When you want to revitalize your home, you need to understand colors, color wheel and how to combine shades successfully. Before choosing a color for your walls, think about the color of your floor, furniture, etc. There is no doubt that you want a harmoniously looking interior and having in mind that there are numerous shades to choose from, you need to be really careful.

Tips for Repainting Your Home Interior – Test the Selected Paint Color

Test the Selected Paint Color Tips for Repainting Your Home Interior

Once you select the color of your paint, ask for a sample. You can paint a corner in the room and see how the chosen color behaves under the lighting of your room and make your decision. For example, if you selected blue and gold colors for your interior, the amount of light is important because it affects the way they look.

Protect Yourself and the Surfaces in the Room

Protect Yourself and the Surfaces in the Room

Many modern paints are harmless and environmentally friendly, but do not forget about special protective clothing. Cover your head with a scarf or a bandana. Choose shoes that will protect your feet from splashes. Cover the floor and furniture with plastic sheet.

Prepare the Walls Before Repainting Them

How to Prepare the Walls Before Repainting Them

The walls must be prepared before repainting them. They should not have obvious scratches and bumps. If necessary, apply a primer which prevents the paint from soaking into the walls, respectively, you save on the amount of paint needed to cover the walls. Make sure that the room is not too hot, humid or cold, as this affects the drying time of paint.

Paint the tops and bottoms of the walls and corners using a brush or narrow roller. After that, proceed to painting the remaining surfaces, while painting the top of the wall first, and then the bottom.

Take Your Time

how to repaint your home interior

Don’t try to do everything in a rush. If you try to speed up the work, the result may be disappointing. Remember that if you apply two layers of paint, it takes time for the first one to dry. Work slowly and in a good mood!

home improvement tips how to choose new paint color

Don’t forget to clean your tools once you’ve finished painting – you might still need them. Water-based paint can be washed off with water or special detergents. If you haven’t used all the paint, close the lid as tight as possible to prevent drying.




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