Blue and gold interior design ideas – add a touch of glamour to your home

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Find out a selection of exquisite blue and gold interior design ideas in different styles. We all know that colors affect human psyche. As per psychologists they act on three basic principles – active, passive and neutral. Some colors have an immediate effect, the effect of others is felt with after some time, some colors are calming while others are charging us with energy.

home design ideas gold and blue combination

We shall look at the blue and gold combination and will give you some useful tips how to combine these two colors successfully so that the interior looks balanced and harmonious. Shades of gold are traditionally associated with wealth, luxury, success and respectability.

striking home designs in blue and gold living room decor ideas


The gold color in the interior was used to decorate castles and palaces, royal chambers, etc. The incredible magic of gold still attracts attention with its brilliance and enchanting luxury. The golden hue always looks chic and rich, but when it comes to modern home design, one needs to know how to use it properly. Professional designers advise using gold in combination with other shades, so that the interior is original and with respect to the features of the chosen stylistic concept.

Blue and gold interior design ideas – how to choose the right tone?

stylish furniture living room ideas color combination blue and gold

When it comes to home decoration, blue is not an easy color. It can have a strong effect on a person, and many are afraid to use it in the interior. Some considers blue as too dark and cold and avoid this color as it may cause melancholy. All this is true but the blue palette has so many shades and most of us associate it with sky and sea. Blue refers to passive colors. This means that, for example, in contrast to the active and exciting red, it calms our nervous system. Blue saturates the interior with freshness, lightness and gives it depth. Being in such a room, a person gets rid of the anxiety and negative thoughts. The interior is cool and tranquil. Blue color helps to lower blood pressure, slows breathing and pulse. The combination of blue with other shades or objects is the embodiment of calm and serenity.

dining room furniture ideas blue and gold combination

In the past few years, designers have begun to actively use deep blue colors with a matte finish in home design. Such interiors are impressive and eye-catching. Light shades of blue are airy and visually expand the room, making it lighter and more spacious. Dark shades are exquisite and make large spaces look more comfortable. When you choose a blue shade for any room, it is best to paint a part of the wall and see how the color looks in daylight and in the evening. In well-lit rooms, a dark shade can be a very good choice as a base. For greater comfort, combine it with warm colors in furniture, textiles and decor. If you choose a deep blue color to decorate the space, then golden details will help to emphasize its beauty and add luxury to the room.

How to use gold color in your interior?

blue and gold combination color scheme ideas interior design

Adding gold does not mean that a person must return to a bygone era. A modern interior with golden accents looks pretty stylish. As we know, gold is a noble metal. For the proper use of gold in the interior, you must follow some rules. Do not clutter the interior with gilded massive objects, especially furniture and tiles.  Gold embossed textiles and gold threads should be harmoniously combined with all interior elements. Make sure to follow one direction in style and sense of measure otherwise the result might be quite unexpected. Too much gold will look kitschy and the overall impression will not be of a noble and elegant home. Subtle notes of gold can add a feeling of luxury so one has to be very careful not to overdo it. Small interior items that have a touch of gilding, for example, frames of paintings or mirrors, lamps, candlesticks always attract the eye, create an enchanting aura.

navy blue gold and grey living room ideas orange color accents

On the color wheel, yellow is associated with gold. If we talk about color combinations, then gold can be combined with similar colors – all shades of red, rusty-orange and shades of yellow. Combinations with complementary colors are very successful, for example, gold in combination with shades of blue and deep purple. It is important to choose the right shade of gold and the type of coating, matte or gloss finish, etc. Gold is a great choice for individual elements like accessories, textile or furniture. An additional reflective surface allows you to expand the space and visually achieve the desired effect. The room becomes brighter and lighter.

elegant bedroom with canopy bed blue and gold color

The gilded legs of the beds, the backs of sofas, the golden handles on the cabinets and old chests of drawers evoke thoughts of aristocracy and nobility. Massive furniture looks very elegant with gilding as well. Brass decorations and even golden wallpapers can create a feeling of luxury in the room or elegantly highlight elements of design. If you feel uncertain how to use gold in interior design, then is it a good idea to start gradually. Add a few gold accents, for example, replace the faucet and furniture handles or replace the chandelier, pillows and arrange a couple of gold figurines or vases in the living room.

Blue and gold interior design ideas for every room of the house

blue and gold interior design ideas home decor tips

Blue and gold interior design ideas are fascinating and you will see in the photos below that this combination can be used in room. Dark blue elements and gold accents will attract attention and demonstrate the good taste of the homeowner. Form a purely aesthetic point of view blue and gold combination is a bright, rich, but calm option. It can be complemented with yellow, orange or gray, brown or pale pink tones.

When choosing the shades, designers recommend paying attention to the following factors in order to achieve maximum effect, but not to overdo it.

fascinating interior design ideas in blue and gold

Tone – There are a lot of variations of shades of gold. In the bedroom, muted tones, for example, sand-golden, will look better. In the living room you can afford to place accents in bright colors of shining gold. In the kitchen, dark saturated colors will be more appropriate. If you want to decorate the bathroom it is better to match the accents with the color of the plumbing. That means that it is not a good idea to add gold color to a contemporary bathroom with stainless steel faucets.

Location of the room is important. Experts recommend choosing warm golden tones for northern rooms and rooms with insufficient daylight.awesome blue and gold interiors color combinations for home decor

Blue and gold interior design is suitable for bedrooms and living rooms as well as for home office, dining room and any other room. The color combination adds depth to the space and due to the fact that the blue palette is quite wide and diverse, you can choose any tone that will express your individuality and personal taste.



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Living room decor blue gold colors and orange accents

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blue and gold color scheme for every room of the home

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