Beaded chandeliers – a versatile light fixture for every room in the house

by Kremy

Beaded chandeliers are cool, unusual, charming and original and certainly can find a place in any interior. By definition, a chandelier is a lighting fixture mounted on the ceiling. Nowadays manufacturers and designers offer numerous ideas and a plethora of models to choose from. Elegant and sophisticated chandeliers play an important role in the interior of any home. A beaded chandelier can transform a boring space and will not only fill the room with dazzling radiance but become an incomparable focal point and bring special aesthetics and charm to the atmosphere.

modern home interior ideas glossy floor tile beaded chandelier

We all understand the importance of lighting. It is a crucial part of any interior design and can transform the look and feel of a space. Lighting can set the mood, make the room appear more spacious, chandeliers can correct ceiling height and with the proper fixtures, you can add unique character and charm to the room. In addition, with a light fixture you can add texture, drama, color, visual appeal, individuality and character to interiors in any style.

Beaded chandeliers – unique light fixtures with a chic vintage flair

unique light fixtures with a chic vintage flair


Lighting fixtures do not have to be technological, fashionable and ultramodern. In some interiors, vintage and extremely simple lamps and chandeliers will look great. Beaded chandeliers have a unique vintage flair and besides the fact that they are back in style, their designs are the perfect complement for eclectic, bohemian, rustic, and even modern interiors. These spectacular chandeliers are available in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors. You can choose from different types of beads as well – from colorful glass beads to wood beads and there is no doubt that you will find (or craft) the perfect lighting fixture for your dining room, kitchen, bedroom or any other room.

Beaded chandeliers have a unique vintage look

Unusual lamps can attract attention and become an accent element of the interior. Exclusive models from famous brands and designers or hand-made pieces use conventional materials in a new and mesmerizing way. We all want a picture perfect home, especially if we move into a new house or apartment, or if we plan a major renovation, but the truth is that it can be difficult to find additional funds for a good repair. So we have to do it gradually. Sometimes replacing the old chandelier, can make a huge difference and change the appearance of the room. Many people consider such a small change as unimportant but your house by the sea or a country cottage will only benefit from such small changes as they have a big impact.

How to use beaded chandeliers to emphasize the style of your interior design?

awesome beaded chandeliers for every room of the house

When you want to use a beaded chandelier to emphasize the style of your interior design you need to take into account the functionality of the room. The shape and materials of the lighting fixture depend on the style of the room. Another factor is your personal idea for the atmosphere. You may want to make the chandelier a focal point and a bold statement or just blend it into the overall design concept.

If you want to make a statement and make your beaded chandelier a focal point, then you have to think about color, size, shape or some other detail which will make it stand out. You can even use the chandelier to add an accent color in the interior. Turquoise, pink, blue – these colors will be a fresh and original color pops. Of course, you can always paint a chandelier you bought in natural wood color to make it more interesting in your preferred color.

color accents in interior design decorative pillows and lighting fixture

When choosing the color it is a good idea to keep in mind the general color palette for the particular style. For example, for a beach-style home, white, pale blue or natural wood color will be perfect. Generally, beach style is more casual with fresh ambiance and relaxed atmosphere. A turquoise chandelier, however, may not look that well in a rustic decor, so think carefully what the final result that you want to achieve is.

Beaded chandeliers can add a touch of drama to the interior as well by standing out with shape, size or color. Typically, they have to be either oversized or with a bold contrasting color. For example, in a white kitchen, a turquoise chandelier will be an immediate eye catcher and a huge conversational topic.

beautiful beaded chandeliers home interior ideas

Where can you hang a beaded chandelier? The answer is – in every room. A chandelier hanging above the dining table is always a successful design technique. You can hang two chandeliers above your kitchen island to double the visual impact. You can choose one for your bedroom to give it a light and fresh look, so look at the photos below for inspiration and see how you can incorporate a beaded chandelier into your home decor.



home design ideas white kitchen with turquoise chandelier over island

Pink chandelier open plan kitchen dining area design ideas

open plan living space dining area with wooden table and beaded chandelier

Large kitchen with beautiful blue beaded chandelier over the table

glamorous kitchen design ideas beautiful chandeliers above island

dining room with exposed ceiling beams and beaded chandelier

Breakfast nook with fantastic wood beaded chandelier

breakfast nook with beaded chandelier kitchen design ideas

breakfast nook ideas round table and white beaded chandelier

black beaded chandeliers in dining room above table

bedroom lighting ideas airy beaded chandelier

beaded chandeliers emphasize the style of your interior design

white kitchen with two chandeliers above kitchen island


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