How to choose a chest of drawers for your bedroom – tips and design ideas

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How to choose a chest of drawers for your bedroom? The dresser is one of the most convenient pieces of furniture. It is not considered a basic necessity in the bedroom, but in some cases it is difficult to do without it. It provides a lot of storage and accommodates bedding, clothes, accessories, etc. It can serve as a TV stand, dressing table, bedside table, changing table which makes it multi-functional and practically universal.

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Due to its relatively small size, unlike a wardrobe or bed, the dresser in the bedroom is also used as an element of decor. It can be pained in an unusual shade, decorated with drawings, equipped with original handles. In addition, you can place decorative table lamps, frames with paintings and photographs, plants, vases, and interesting souvenirs and accessorize the bedroom.

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Before buying any model of bedroom chest of drawers, you you need to decide how you will use the furniture. Taking some time to think about it is really worth it and will save you from finding yourself with a chest of drawers unsuitable for your storage needs. So think about the clothes you plan to keep in the dresser – underwear and socks, pajamas and home wear, T-shirts, sweaters and vests, pants, etc. If the space allows, consider investing in a larger and deeper dresser model that can accommodate even bed linen. Do not hesitate to look for a model that combines storage spaces of different sizes, which is particularly practical for storing all kinds of clothes, accessories and linen.

What to consider when choosing a chest of drawers for your bedroom?

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To choose the right chest of drawers for your bedroom you need to deal with a huge number of style proposals in the furniture market. It is necessary to choose furniture carefully and not be leaded by an emotional impulse. The nice chest of drawers that you saw at your friends’ home may not fit your interior at all. Bedroom furniture should meet the following characteristics:

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  • Durability – The back wall, the bottoms of drawers, shelves must support the weight of everything necessary.
  • Environmentally friendly – Choose a dresser made of safe materials which do not emit harmful substances.
  • Multi-functionality – In order to avoid clutter in the bedroom, choose furniture that can perform several tasks. For example, a dresser with a mirror or with a changing table, if you are choosing a model for the baby room.

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  • Style – From the huge number of options for dressers for the bedroom, choose the one that will be in harmony with the rest of the furniture pieces. You can buy your bedroom furniture as a set or choose each piece individually. In that case you need to combine them in color, style, appearance, etc.
  • Size – The smaller the bedroom, the more compact the dresser should be.
  • Quality fittings – Doors and drawers should close tight and open easily without slamming. For drawers, choose full-roll guides as it will be convenient for you to get things from any depth.

How to choose the proper size of your chest of drawers?

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It is clear to any of us that the chest of drawers should not only fit in the bedroom, but at the same time should not block the free movement in the room. It is important that there is room to open the drawers. If the space is small, and it already has a double bed and a bulky wardrobe, then finding a place for a chest of drawers will be a problem. However, if it is really necessary, then you can opt for tiny models or tall models. The main principle that should be followed is the proportionality of the bedroom and the chest of drawers.

The smaller the room, the more carefully you need to approach the measurement. First you need to arm yourself with a tape measure and measure the parameters of the available space for the dresser.

bedroom furniture ideas white dresser

You need to also take measurements of the dresser when all the drawers are closed and when they are pulled out and the doors are open. Measurement is made from the edge of the back wall to the edge of the open drawers.

The size should not only harmonize with the room, but also meet the storage needs. Decide what you will store inside. For small things, small, narrow drawers are suitable, for bedding – deep and spacious.

white bedroom and solid wood furniture set

Unusual dressers for the bedroom will help change the geometry of space. Low long ones look elegant, add horizontal lines and are suitable for narrow rooms. High models look harmoniously in bedrooms with high ceilings and narrow options perform the main function while maintaining free space in small rooms.

dresser designs modern bedroom furniture

As you know, dressers come in a huge variety of sizes and shapes. What size should a chest of drawers be?

The height should be at least 85 cm/33,5 inches and rarely more than 160 cm/63 inches. The standard is considered to be a height of 120 cm/47 inches. In this case, the countertop can be used for arranging photos, souvenirs, installing a TV, etc.

how to choose furniture for your bedroom

Width – Be sure to measure it if you plan to fit the dresser into a niche or into the space between the wall and other furniture. The optimal width is 90-130 cm/35,5-51 inches. Models that are more than 200 cm/80 inches wide are appropriate only for very spacious bedrooms.

Depth – The optimum depth is 50-60cm/20-24 inches. If the dresser is deeper, then using the drawers will be inconvenient. However, there are models with drawers 30 cm/12 inches deep.

Shape and number of drawers

What to consider when choosing a bedroom chest of drawers

The classic chest of drawers has several wide drawers located one above the other. Traditionally there are 4, but the number can vary from 2 to 5 or more. Many models combine drawers of different sizes and you can find dressers where all the drawers have different widths. In some models the internal space of the drawers is divided into several parts by partitions for convenient storage of belts, ties, and cosmetics. Despite the fact that the traditional design of a chest of drawers does not include doors, today there are models where shelves with doors occupy part of the area.

modern bedroom black and white interior black chest of drawers

As far as shape is concerned, there are main 3 types of dressers:

  • Rectangular – This is the traditional shape which comes in almost any length and width.
  • Corner chest of drawers – this design allows you effectively use the space and is often used in non-standard bedroom layouts. Such models are great for small bedrooms and allow you to use corners that often remain empty.
  • Curved – round, semicircular, and complex curved. Such original designs require an appropriate interior, for example, a classic one.

How to choose the material of your chest of drawers for the bedroom?

how to choose a dresser bedroom furniture tips

When choosing the material of your chest of drawers for the bedroom one needs to remember that a person spends at least 8 hours in the bedroom. This means that the air in this room should be clean and healthy, and the furniture should be as safe as possible and not emit any toxic substances.

Tall chest of drawers bedroom furniture ideas

Natural wood is the most durable, safe and aesthetically pleasing material. Depending on the wood species, prices of furniture will vary. Pine products will be the cheapest and chests made of oak, walnut and cherry will cost more. The best dresser for a bedroom in terms of price and quality is this one, which is made of pine, but veneered with more expensive wood

choose the proper size of your chest of drawers

Particleboard and MDF are the main substitutes for natural wood and furniture made of particleboard is budget friendly. However, this material can be toxic and emit hazardous formaldehyde. When buying, you should take a look at the safety certificates and, more specifically, at the formaldehyde emission level. MDF is a more durable and safe material. If you cannot afford natural wood chest of drawers, it is better to opt for a dresser from MDF. Both particleboard and MDF are veneered with a film imitating any material.

Plastic is rarely used to make dressers for the bedroom. This material is more suitable for bathrooms due to its resistance to moisture.

Industrial bedroom furniture ideas metal and wood chest of drawers

Metal and glass are usually combined with other materials, but if you search the market, you can find a metal chest of drawers. However, such a piece of furniture will not be appropriate in every bedroom.

Designer products may have some elements made of genuine leather or stone.

Chest of drawers design and equipment

How to choose a chest of drawers for your bedroom

In addition to drawers, the chest of drawers should have a ton of other elements to ensure ease of use. These include:

Handles – they can be from antique to the most modern ones – the main thing is that they are easy to use. There are chests of drawers without handles that open when you lightly press the drawer.

Legs – whether your chest of drawers will have or not legs, is a matter of personal preference, but the ability to adjust the height of the legs is useful if the floor of the room is uneven.

A sliding mechanism for drawers ensures their smooth opening and closing.

How to choose the style of your chest of drawers?

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The last important selection criterion is the style of the dresser, which also includes the color of the furniture and all the additional details that give it character. The most trendy interior design styles are Scandinavian, minimalist, industrial, vintage, classic, traditional and rustic. It is therefore logical to be able to easily find dressers in these styles, which can be combined with existing bedroom furniture. The choice of color is made according to the style and the material chosen, as well as in accordance with the wall and floor colors and with the existing furniture.

modern furniture bedroom design ideas how to choose a dresser

Glossy white, gray, black dressers in modern style with metal elements are suitable for hi-tech or minimalistic interiors. Light models with dark leather or metal handles will suit the Scandinavian style. Carved wooden facades made of natural species and semicircular shapes complement the classic styled decors. The combination of black metal and wood texture is perfect for industrial style.

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Now that you know what criteria to take into account when choosing your furniture, finding the perfect dresser model will be a much easier and more pleasant task. Among the wide range of chests of drawers on the market, everyone will find something to their liking. The chest of drawers should suit you in style, size and spaciousness.

How to choose the material of your chest of drawers



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