Home office in the bedroom – how to arrange a functional space

by Kremy

how to arrange home office in the bedroom

Home office in the bedroom is an idea which allows you to combine two different functional areas in one room. With the development of technology and communication many people take the chance to their work at home. People who work remotely, outside the office, often face the problem of adjusting their work process properly. In most cases, this is not due to the lack of such important qualities as discipline or responsibility, neither is wrong organization of time and schedule. Working at home requires a certain place in the house or apartment. Unluckily, not every house is designed with a special office area and that is why there are many creative ways and projects to combine several functional areas in one room, connecting them into one common design. Very often a home office area is arranged in the living room, but quite often this idea is not very convenient, since the living room is a the place for a variety of family activities, guests entertaining and is one of the most “occupied” rooms in every home.

home office in the bedroom creative design tips and ideas


Arranging a home office in the bedroom is an interesting option for those who have little or no free space. The major advantage of this idea is that bedrooms are not occupied during working hours, so it is the best place to create a comfortable working space. We shall give you some practical ideas how to divide the zones, how to choose the right furniture, how to organize the design of the bedroom and office combo without compromising the intimate atmosphere of the place where you relax and sleep.


Home office in the bedroom – dividing functional zones

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Many people believe that each room should perform one strictly defined function: the kitchen for cooking, the living room for meeting guests and cozy gatherings, a bedroom for sleeping, etc. This approach is somewhat dated and you see in numerous modern homes how open plan living space is used and one big room accommodates different functional areas. When you want to arrange a home office in the bedroom, the first step is to determine the way of zoning the space. There are different methods of zoning which can help you not only divide the room into comfortable areas unobtrusively and elegantly, but also give the room a personal touch and original appearance.

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One of the most important rules for any bedroom designs is the lack of items related to work and for the working area – the coziness and comfort of the bedroom. Sounds like an impossible task to combine these two contradictions in one and the same room, doesn’t it? So, how to divide the bedroom into a sleeping and working area? Here are some ideas for you:

  • Decorative partitions and arched constructions;
  • Podium;
  • Sliding doors;
  • Furniture items: wardrobe, open shelves;
  • Light screens or curtains
  • Light and color – the working space should be decorated in lighter tones and located closer to the source of daylight;
  • Different types of flooring – this is one of the simplest and most affordable options to divide the space.

There is an on-going argument for the most harmonious proportion of such a division. Some experts believe that the ratio 1: 2 is the best one, yet it often comes to space availability and the personal preferences of the homeowner.


Home office in the bedroom – arranging the working and sleeping area

small home office ideas partition wall open shelves

Once you have solved the task to divide the space into two functional areas, you need to think of arranging the working and sleeping area. It is best if you can create one design concept for both parts of the room, show all your creativity and realize your most original ideas. Here are some useful tips to help you:

How to design a home office in the bedroom? The organization of the work area is one of the most important tasks in the design of a combined bedroom and office. It is best to place the workplace by the window so that you sit with your back to the sleeping area. When you work you need bright lighting, whereas for the sleeping area the need of natural light is not so big. Another plus of this arrangement is that your eyes will not fall on the bed and you will not be distracted. When the available space is limited there are several other options:

  • Arrange the working area at the foot of the bed – this method saves a lot of space.
  • A desk instead of a bedside table is a convenient option for small bedrooms.
  • Arrange the working area in a corner or niche.
  • Integrate the work area into a cabinet. This option allows you to hide the working area when you close the cabinet doors.
  • Use the window sill as a desk – this is a great space-saving solution.


modern bedroom design with office space

How to design the sleeping area? In the sleeping area, the lighting should be relaxing. You can use the soft yellow light of traditional incandescent lamps or place spotlights.

The walls can be finished with any material – paint, decorative plaster or wallpaper. Laminate or parquet flooring with a nice area rug will be a good decoration of the interior. Window treatment is important for the sleeping area. Choose curtains with an unobtrusive and neat design from light or dense fabric, whatever you prefer. Do not make the interior too colorful and avoid the excess of decorative pillows as they will distract you from work.

The choice of furniture will depend on your personal preferences. If the office area is a priority, then focus on choosing a comfortable desk and a comfortable chair, keep the decoration to a minimum. If you the sleeping area is more important, then focus on bedroom furniture. Avoid blocking the bedroom with large pieces that will clutter the space. If you need to store a lot of documents in the office, a shelf in the closet or a bed with drawers is a good idea.


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