Exceptional master bedroom ideas – create the ultimate place for rest

by Kremy

modern master bedroom ideas furniture lighting decor

We have selected some of the best master bedroom ideas and you can see examples of exceptional interiors in the photos below. The interior of the bedroom allows you to create an intimate corner where you can relax and rest from daily worries. Unlike other rooms, the bedroom is hidden from prying eyes. After all, everyday peace and comfort reign in this room and after a hard day’s work here you can enjoy the moment of solitude. A beautiful and cozy bedroom is the guarantee of a good sleep and good mood in the morning. So the design of this room should be created with special attention – the choice of the color range of the interior and suitable furniture, the lighting and location of functional areas. The bedroom is also the personification of the owner’s personal taste and its style can vary considerably from the interior of other rooms.


Master bedroom ideas – what is important to consider when you plan the interior?


master bedrooms ideas colors furniture lighting decor


To create the perfect design in your bedroom you do not necessarily have to be a professional with a diploma in design. It is enough to understand what you want. The first and most important step is to determine the style which suits your taste. Colors are also very important. For example, pastel shades have a calming effect on the central nervous system and shades of blue, olive, beige, etc will be an excellent choice.

Furniture – The main requirement to it is ergonomics. Make sure that the dimensions and height of the bed are the right size. It is important that sleep and rest are comfortable. Many designers recommend choosing furniture from natural wood. It is reliable, resistant to heavy loads and high humidity, plus, natural wood perfectly blends into many interior decoration styles.

Lighting – As for lighting, there is one important point: if your bedroom has one or more windows, then do not overdo it with additional lighting, because there will be enough natural light in thes room. Excessive lighting fixtures do not add extra charm to your room.

Bedroom storage – nowadays the majority of master bedrooms are designed with a walk-in closet but even if there is no room for one, you can use the available space creatively. For example, a spacious and comfortable corner wardrobe is a great alternative to the walk-in closet. Built-in closet is one of the most ergonomic solutions for the bedroom. It does not occupy a lot of space, does not overload the interior, and in terms of capacity, it is not inferior to traditional models. Sliding doors in the color of the walls or interior doors will make your built-in closet blend into the overall interior and it will be almost invisible.

En suite master bathroom is another element which has become a must and modern master bedroom ideas usually feature a magnificent bathroom as well. Designers often use creative and non-standard solutions in their projects. Comfort is the main criterion for such projects.


Master bedroom ideas – how to choose the right color palette?

Modern black and white master bedroom decoration crystal chandelier

The color scheme plays an important role in every room, because each color has a different effect. Especially in the bedroom, the wall color must be chosen carefully. Gray, brown, green, purple and brown are among the most popular bedroom colors and each of these colors has different shades, which influence our mood in a different way.

White bedroom interior is one of the hottest trends. White color is a recognized favorite in bedroom design as it expands the space visually and creates a pristine look. Elegant, quiet and perfect, a white bedroom is the epitome of luxurious and carefree living.

Green has a harmonizing and invigorating effect. Sage green has a gray undertone and is more relaxing. This natural color can be perfectly combined with light wood.

Blue creates different spatial effects and is perfect for the bedroom. From cobalt blue to baby blue, the nuances are numerous, but each has its own charm

Turquoise is also between green and blue but looks very fresh and cool. This color is associated not only with sea and glacial ice, but also with crystal clear and clean sea water. Juicy accents of turquoise color are in good harmony with all shades of gray and when you want to add color to a minimalist interior, for example, it’s enough to choose a pair of suitable turquoise accessories.

Elegant beige color scheme is often used in the design of bedrooms. Beige, brown and cream enjoy great popularity in bedroom interior design, because they make the room beautifully homely and in addition, these colors are versatile and suitable for a modern bedroom, and for a classic interior. Sand tones are a nice change from the white, but are discreet enough to give priority to other colors. Light creamy tones are also the perfect backdrop for wooden furniture. Coffee, chocolate and caramel shades blend well with golden and silver accessories and are a guarantee of comfort, which is very important for the bedroom.

Purple is not only romantic, but also royal and mystical.Lilac and purple shades stimulate the imagination and give every room an elegant touch. Bright lilac and lavender shades enjoy great popularity in the bedroom and can be beautifully combined with white and turquoise.

Gray, as wall paint, is wonderfully discreet and creates a good background for colorful furniture and decorations. The color works with almost any other shade and you can create beautiful combinations.


Master bedroom ideas – how to choose the right furniture?

exceptional master bedroom ideas colors furniture tips

When designing and furnishing a bedroom, the main task is to achieve maximum comfort and warmth. The combination of colors, textures of fabric and convenient furniture can create unique interiors as you will see in the photo gallery featuring unique master bedroom ideas.

The bedroom furniture should not only look beautiful, but also be practical and comfortable. The cozy bed is the centerpiece of every bedroom. Both the right mattress and the right frame are important for a good night’s sleep. When choosing your new bed, the size, comfort and, of course, the design, play an important role. Whether you opt for a beautiful ornate canopy bed or a minimalist design will depend on the overall design concept and your personal taste and preferences.

Solid wood and metal are among the most popular choices for the bed frame. These materials are strong and durable while beds with soft upholstery are a great choice for people who really appreciate the comfort of home. Make sure that the material you choose is environmentally friendly, hypoallergenic and wear-resistant. The mattress should be as comfortable as possible for you. You should not save on a bed and a mattress, because your health depends on it

In addition to the bed, functional pieces of bedroom furniture are needed – nightstands or bedside tables are not only aesthetically attractive, but also very convenient. They are good for storing various small items, you can place reading lamps or decorative elements to add character and individuality to the bedroom.

The chest of drawers is traditionally an important piece of bedroom furniture. Chests are usually equipped with large drawers for bed linen or garments. A beautiful dressing table with a mirror will increase the comfort and will allow you to get ready for the day.


Master bedroom decoration and accessories ideas

luxurious bedroom design tufted headboard mirror nightstand

Master bedroom ideas come in a variety of styles but the main concept of any interior is that the bedroom should be designed as a place of rest and relaxation and not remind of the everyday stress.

The decor in the bedroom may be simple, but not boring. A few decorative elements here and there are perfectly fine and give the room character which adds to the peaceful atmosphere.With textiles, for example, you can set colorful accents in the room. One or two indoor plants will give the room a natural feel and can even improve the air quality and thus the indoor climate. Textile – curtains, bed linen, carpets – can be used as color accents as well but fabrics add texture to the interior so carefully choose them.

Lighting fixtures can be used as accessories and have a decorative function beside the practical one. For example, an elegant floor lamp can be a great addition to the unique interior style of your bedroom.

In conclusion, we can say that when you design a master bedroom, the most important factors to consider are the comfort, convenience, functionality and of course, high quality of materials, finishes and furniture. All elements of the interior should be harmoniously combined both in color and texture so that they create an atmosphere that offers the best rest and relaxation.


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built in closet with sliding barn door in modern bedroom

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luxurious bedroom furniture and decorating tips

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