Kitchen sofa ideas – how to choose the perfect one for your room?

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Kitchen sofa ideas how to choose the perfect one for your room

Find below some of the most interesting kitchen sofa ideas. As unusual as it may sound, placing a sofa in the kitchen is a modern and trendy interior solution. A soft, comfortable seating makes the room cozier and warmer. Needless to say, comfortable upholstered furniture can easily replace chairs or increase the number of seats on the table. The choice of kitchen sofa depends on the size of the room, the location, as well as the overall design of the room. Do you dream of a soft cozy place in the kitchen? Pay attention to modern models of materials that are easy to clean.

People are used to see a variety of benches in breakfast nooks, banquette seating, settees with dining table, but we want to focus your attention on the ways to have a real sofa in the kitchen. This design is suitable for almost any apartment. The sofa located in the kitchen gives the space additional functionality and enhances the style of the decor. This piece of furniture makes the room a universal place not only for eating, but also for spending evenings with your family, meeting with friends and relatives.

Advantages and disadvantages of kitchen sofa ideas

breakfast nook with modern sofa bench and dining table


How attractive is the design of the kitchen in which there is a sofa? The answer is simple – there is a special charm that makes the room much more comfortable, unusual and more interesting for the owners and guests. A sofa in a kitchen allows you to combine several functional areas in one room – a kitchen, a living room, and in some cases a bedroom. There are a number of other advantages as well:

  • A sofa in the kitchen can enhance your design concept. This will depend on the type, color and materials.
  • Additional place for rest and storage. Most models include drawers, shelves or storage compartments;
  • A sofa can be a bright accent in the kitchen interior. There is a huge variety of models for every taste.
  • The room looks more comfortable and warm look due to the soft fabrics, smooth lines and pillows.
  • Provides space for relaxing. You can sit or lie and read a book, spend time with family and watch movies or TV shows.
  • There are models that can be transformed in several ways and offer extra sleeping space.
  • A kitchen sofa is convenient to use and can replace many chairs or armchairs.

Sofa in the kitchen advantages disadvantages how to choose

Despite the obvious advantages, a sofa in the kitchen may not be a good idea if the room is very small or has an irregular shape. True, there are compact models but generally, in small kitchens a sofa may make the space heavier. Another minus is the fact that high quality materials are expensive which adds to the cost of the sofa. Proper maintenance is important as you need to protect the sofa from kitchen dirt and grease. When the kitchen is poorly ventilated, odors accumulate in the upholstery. Low quality materials lose their appearance in a short period of time.

How to choose a sofa for your kitchen?

small kitchen design ideas corner sofa and round dining table

Once you decide to purchase a sofa in the kitchen, you need to make the right choice and determine what function this furniture is going to perform? When choosing, you need to take into account several factors – the size and shape of the kitchen as well as the sofa, where you are going to place it, the type of upholstery, the design, color, etc.

Size and shape of sofa

how to choose a sofa for your kitchen

The choice of shape, design and size of the sofa depends on the layout of the room. You need to decide what functions the sofa will perform – whether it will be only a seating place or you want additional storage, possibly use it as a sleeping place? This is very important for small apartments and kitchens where there is not enough storage space in the room and the sofa with an abundance of boxes and drawers can be used for storing dishes and other utensils. Pay attention to the strength of the frame and the quality of work of all mechanisms.

As far as shape is concerned, there are different models –rectangular, corner, semicircular, etc. For example, in a square-shaped room, a corner model is perfect as it will allow you to save space. In large open plan living spaces, a kitchen sofa is a great way to divide a room into different functional zones.


green sofa in kitchen wooden dining table

The importance of upholstery is huge. It concerns not only functionality but style as well. When choosing the type of upholstery, it is worth considering the fact that food is being prepared in the kitchen. Changes in temperature, humidity, odors, grease – all these are not beneficial to soft furniture. The upholstery material must help not only create a beautiful and presentable appearance, but also reliably protect furniture from dirt and grease. It is better to choose a dense, moisture resistant material which does not absorb water and odors.

  • Genuine leather – the most common material, durable, easy to clean, with excellent appearance, pleasant to the touch and suitable for all styles;
  • High-quality faux leather – retains all the qualities of a natural counterpart, but requires more delicate care;
  • A mixture of cotton and polyester – more often used for sofas in a modern style;
  • Flock, in texture resembling suede;
  • Chenill – a material with a uniform texture of muted shades;
  • Jacquard – a durable material with classic patterns and shades.

kitchen design and furniture ideas sofa armchair and dining table

The upholstery and model must match the kitchen design concept. The color of the sofa can match the colors of other kitchen furniture, be in harmony with the color of the walls, curtains and other objects or become an eye-catching accent in the interior. For example, leather looks spectacular in rooms decorated in industrial, contemporary, high-tech styles and the fabric is ideal for kitchens in Art Deco, classic, Provence, rustic styles.

Where to place a sofa in the kitchen?

Where to place a sofa in the kitchen

Finding the best place for the kitchen sofa can be a real challenge. The location depends on the functions of the sofa as well. If the kitchen is not only a place for cooking, but also a dining room, living room,etc., you have to take into account all of these criteria. You need to consider:

  • The shape and size of the room;
  • Dimensions and number of windows and doorways;
  • The layout of kitchen cabinets, island and work area;
  • The number of functional areas in the design of the kitchen is also important. Is your kitchen open to living room or dining area, what furniture you have in these zones, etc.
  • Size and design of the sofa;
  • In addition, you need to know the place of the stove, sink, refrigerator, cabinets, shelves and other kitchen units.

Kitchen sofa ideas and style solutions

pros and cons of sofa in kitchen breakfast nook ideas

Even the smallest sofa is a noticeable part of the interior, so you need to choose it carefully taking into account the characteristics of the design concept in the room.


red leather sofa kitchen furniture and decor ideas

Kitchen sofa in classic style sofa made of wood with a beautiful texture and carvings may be the focal point if the area of the room is large enough. Leather upholstery or textiles with a restrained pattern will look great in such interiors.

kitchen sofa ideas seating area near the windows

For a more modern interpretation of the classics, you can focus on corner or combined models with storage space. The color scheme should reflect the overall palette of the room. The beautiful texture is important as well as the practical and functional properties of the sofa. Plain textile, in harmony with curtains or another part of the interior, will look more appropriate than richly decorated fabric. It is recommended to choose natural light shades that will create the most comfortable atmosphere.

Scandinavian style kitchen sofa

Advantages and disadvantages of kitchen sofa ideas

Scandinavian style is characterized by a snowy color scheme, the dominance of natural coatings, minimalism, but at the same time – real comfort. Sofas with leather upholstery will look very natural in such interiors. Scandinavian design in general is aimed at creating practical, functional, and affordable objects. Models with built-in drawers and a woolen blanket as a stylistic accent will fit into this concept.

Industrial style kitchen sofa

industrial interior decor kitchen furniture ideas leahter sofa

Industrial style loves the concept of open-space, which means absence of partitions between the main zones, maximum comfort and a large number of seats. In such multi-functional living space, a large sofa next to the kitchen would be quite appropriate. It can serve as a partition, separating the kitchen and the living room, as well as a resting place. Leather upholstery is the perfect choice for industrial interiors.



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