DIY Cupcake greeting cards to send your love, warm words and wishes

by Kremy

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DIY Cupcake greeting cards are incredibly beautiful and we selected some of the best ideas for you. To many people, postcards have long become a relic of the past. Nowadays everyone sends electronic greetings, forgetting how symbolic and significant original handmade postcards can become for the recipient.

Nevertheless, no matter how advanced the technologies are, beautiful postcards made with love and attention will always remain an original present for any person. Only handmade greeting cards will be able to convey your feelings towards the person being gifted.

DIY Cupcake greeting cards – a priceless gift of love for your friends and family

DIY Cupcake greeting cards craft ideas


DIY Cupcake greeting cards are an exclusive gift. Yes, you can go to a store and choose a card, even the text has already been printed inside. Easy, right? The only problem is that these cards do not feel like coming from the heart. A DIY greeting card means investing a part of yourself in it. After all, making such a gift, you imagine that person to whom it will be intended. Only a homemade card conveys the warmth of your hands and the sincerity of good wishes. So it is not a surprise that handmade products are becoming more and more popular. Let’s be honest, such gifts are admirable and it takes a little bit of imagination to master the art of giving joy.

How to make DIY Cupcake greeting cards?

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To create a festive atmosphere is not at all difficult. Sometimes such a seemingly unpretentious thing like making a greeting card is enough. A little effort and now the people close to you have a smile on their face! Why handmade? We said that a piece of your soul will be invested in the card but in addition to that, this is 100% exclusive gift which will become a memorable souvenir about a special event.

How to make DIY Cupcake greeting cards birthday ideas

Creating a greeting card is quite an exciting process. Even to those who have never been fond of DIY projects can cope with making a DIY cupcake greeting card. Generally card making is based on working with improvised materials and easy techniques. The choice of design method depends entirely on the topic of the upcoming event, gender and age of the recipient. A card in a pleasant color scheme, decorated with beads, bows and flowers will delight mom, grandmother, sister or beloved girlfriend. Cupcake cards are great for almost any holiday – birthday, Mother’s day, Valentine’s day, etc.

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Those who are not talented artists can use any printable cupcake template and color it with pencils, markers or water colors. Then cut a piece of cardboard, fold it along the mid-line and the bend is smoothed out with an iron. This will help to make it neat and not losing shape. You can glue the drawing and add your wishes. Simple, isn’t it?



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Valentines day ideas DIY greeting cards with cupcakes

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DIY cupcake greeting cards with tutorials and ideas

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