50 Crystal chandeliers with exquisite designs and unique style

by Kremy

small dining room design round table crystal chandelier

A crystal chandelier is so much more than a ceiling-mounted light fixture. Crystal chandeliers create a dramatic effect in any room. They are popular for their elegance and the mesmerizing sparkle. The beautiful crystal elements, the exquisite shapes, ornate designs, the thrilling appearance of the sparkling and glittering crystals will find their place in every interior, whether classic, traditional or modern. A crystal chandelier brings elegance in our homes and is a powerful decorating idea.

metal frame crystals crystal chandeliers home interior ideas


You may have heard that a crystal chandelier is as good as it its crystals. The best solution is to trust to the main manufacturers who are known for the high-quality crystals. The white crystal chandelier is an all-time classic design and symbolizes purity and elegance. It can be combined with neutral color schemes or bold colors. They are suitable for every room – from bedroom, living room, bathroom, even the closet will have a magnetic royal look with a crystal chandelier. Just imagine how a crystal chandelier would look in your room. Black crystal chandeliers are even more dramatic as you’d normally expect crystals to glitter, and suddenly they don’t. Dark, mysterious, romantic and thrilling – a black crystal chandelier always stands out in the home interior.

spectacular crystal chandelier contemporary dining room decorating ideas

Lovers of modern design trends will find spectacular examples of modern crystal chandelier designs which have preserved the stunning beauty and give the modern home a unique ambience. Chandeliers can be found in various colors. Besides the traditional white and dramatic black, you can also find them in red, yellow, blue, etc. The variety is quite big but all crystal chandeliers have one thing in common – they look glorious, luxurious and are an extravagant accent in interior design.

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