How to choose the right fireplace screens and 50 unique designs

Written by Kremena Ruseva

how to choose-fireplace-screens-tips-ideas

For centuries families have been gathering around the fireplace in cold weather not only to get warm but to have a hot meal or simply to chat. The open fire, the view of burning logs and glowing embers, the scent of dry wood and the constantly changing flames hardly can be replaced by anything. In a more practical manner of speaking when we have a fireplace we need the right screen for it. Fireplace screens are purposed to keep the fire into its place and to protect the home, the furniture and the family members.

How to choose the right fireplace screens?

fireplace-screens-with glass

It is not very easy to choose the right design as fireplace screens come in such a great variety of materials, colors and designs. Although united by a common purpose – to protect – there are a few things that we need to consider when choosing a screen for the fireplace. The most important factors when choosing a fireplace screen are the size  and the style of the fireplace . You need to carefully measure your fireplace before starting to look for the right screen. Another important issue is how you intend to use the screen – is it going to be purely decorative or it has to protect your home and family from sparks. It is important to know that if you chose a decorative screen it may be damaged by the open fire, so the material of the screen is very important. Usually fireplace screens are made of metal with a glass or mesh paneling. If you opt for a glass paneling, remember that it may break if placed too close to fire.

How to choose the fireplace screens design and style?


Simple or ornate, fireplace screens should match and complement the interior of your room. They come in many designs and finishes, and only you can decide whether a wrought iron ornate piece of art will fit perfectly in your room, or a stained glass design with a great decorative value, or maybe a design with doors which is extremely safe if you had pets or small kids. Look at the gallery below and find the best option for your fireplace.

Modern fire screen with artistic design

artistic-decorative-fireplace-screens-modern living room

 A decorative element in the interior designprotective-fireplace-screens-contemporary living room

 Modern designs for contemporary interiors

Modern-fireplace-screens-family room inteior

Modern minimalist designmodern-fireplace-screens-designs

 Decorative screens are an eye catching home accessory

Contemporary decorative fireplace screen design

 Glass screens allow a full view of the flames


 Screens with doors are practical and functional

natural-stone-fireplace-screen with doors rustic living room

Fire screens are a strong decorative element 


Decorative screens can be crafted from wood

ornate-footed -fireplace-screens-natural-stone

flat cast iron-fireplace-screens-with doors

fireplace-screens-with doors cast iron

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modern-fireplace-screens-with doors

modern-fireplace-screens- designs-patio-ideas

modern-fireplace-screens-designs-glass metal



Rustic living room stone -fireplace-screens-with-doors

Rustic living room fireplace screen with doors

natural stone-fireplace-screens-with doors







Fireplace-accessories-ornate -cast-iron-fire-screen-design

fireplace-accessories-iron fire-screen-decorative



footed cast iron-fire-screen-fireplace-accessories

footed cast iron-fire-screen-classic-design








elegant decorative-fireplace-screens-metal carvings

decorative-fireplace-screens-metal carvings

decorative-fireplace-screens- bronze bird sculptures

decorative-fireplace-screens-designs-twin lion scluptures

decorative-fireplace-screens-artistic carving




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