6 Home Lighting Tips to Elevate Your Interior

by Kremy

When it comes to the ambience and atmosphere of your home, lighting is a vital element. A well-thought-out setup can greatly enhance the look and feel of any space. You can also use lighting to create certain emotions where appropriate.

6 Home Lighting Tips for Your Interior

For example, bright lights help you become more alert and awake, while dim and soft lighting promotes relaxation. In order to apply these concepts effectively, you need to know how to illuminate different spaces. With that in mind, here are six home lighting tips to elevate your interior.

Home Lighting Tips – Start Natural

natural light modern home ideas


At least in the daytime, there is nothing better to fill your rooms with than natural light. In addition to how it looks, there are practical benefits, including how sunlight is able to reduce mold and odors. You can increase the amount of natural light entering your home in several ways:

  • Add reflective features such as mirrors
  • Paint walls and ceilings with brighter colors
  • Replace dark and heavy curtains with thinner fabric
  • Use skylights

Install Recessed Lighting

attic bedroom with skylight and recessed lights

Instead of opting for central lighting, try experimenting with subtle ambient lights. They provide a stronger personality and are great for adding softness and warmth to a room. You can also increase the perceived size of a space with these types of lights as they can reach into darker corners and brighten them up.

Living room recessed lighting idea options can be found online in various configurations. You can even pick them up as RGB LEDs that are capable of changing to any color, making them great for bedrooms and special occasions.

Layer Your Lights

place various types of lights at different levels

Another way to elevate ambience and create interest is by taking a layered approach to your lighting setup. This involves placing various types of lights at different levels. When done strategically, you can improve the shape and size of a room. For example, uplights can make a space seem larger, while low hung pendants add height and clusters lend to coziness.

Select Bulbs Carefully

how to choose light bulbs

There are several considerations that you should make before buying any light bulb. This includes:

  • How bright you want the light to be (measured by wattage)
  • The atmosphere you’re going for (color temperature)
  • Energy efficiency for more regularly used lights
  • Scale and sharpness

Light the Way

home stairs led lights floor level lighting

Late night bathroom breaks can be made far more pleasant by replacing eye-searing bright bulbs with more appropriate alternatives. The standard choice here is directional, floor-level lighting for hallways and staircases. For the bathroom itself, try implementing dimmer soft lights in addition to the brighter ones you would usually turn on earlier in the night.

Home Lighting Tips – Make a Statement

spectacular chandeliers home decor ideas

If you’re looking for a statement piece to finish off your kitchen or living room, lighting can be a great solution. Chandeliers in particular are a suitable option, especially when you’re struggling to balance a room with ambient light. Be sure to buy a chandelier that aligns with the theme of your home, be it contemporary or more traditional.

These are just some of the ways that you can use lighting to make your home a more pleasant place. Don’t hesitate to get creative and see what else is possible.



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