Dramatic cascading chandeliers – a spectacular focal point in any home

by Kremy

Cascading chandeliers are not only a magnificent interior decoration but they also provide bright illumination to rooms and areas of different heights. It is considered that this type of exceptional chandeliers appeared in XIX century. The first models were manufactured in Venice and since then this type of lighting fixtures is a symbol of good taste and an integral attribute of luxurious interiors.

living room with staircase and striking cascading chandelier

Today, the manufacturers offer a vast choice of hundreds of models with various price tags. The variety of shapes and materials is expanding and you can find cascading chandeliers in different shapes, lengths and designs. Experts divide this type of chandeliers in two main categories.

The first category is the classic design which is distinguished by the use of expensive materials like crystal and luxurious natural wood species of high quality. Usually, they are symmetrical and are very popular due to their expensive and luxurious appearance.

modern chandelier design staircase decorating ideas


Modern chandeliers are made of different materials, including plastic, PVC, glass. Such light fixtures are more affordable but despite the lower price, they are not inferior in terms of effectiveness and unique appearance. The variety of colors and shapes makes them very popular, especially for interiors in minimalist or contemporary style. The aesthetic beauty of symmetrical elements is maintained, although it is not a mandatory factor. Most modern models are equipped with a dimmer or a control panel that allows you to adjust the operating mode from anywhere in the room.

Spectacular cascading chandeliers combine luxury and elegance

exceptional cascading chandeliers contemporary home staircase design

In the past cascading chandeliers could be seen in large rooms with high ceilings. However, modern manufacturers create more compact models that fit perfectly into the interiors of private houses and apartments. In addition to that, designers boldly experiment and you can find the perfect cascading light fixture not only for your living room or foyer, but for the dining room and even bathroom. The main consideration that you need to keep in mind is that the chandelier should blend harmoniously with other interior items and decor.

What makes cascading chandeliers different from other pendant light fixtures? First of all, this is a design that implies the presence of several levels at which the light sources are located. The lamp can be framed with crystal, acrylic or glass pendants. Models have a significant vertical size and the base of the chandelier can be either square, round or rectangular. In a waterfall of numerous elements, light creates an incredible effect giving any room a special atmosphere.

How to choose a cascading chandelier?

home lighting ideas dramatic cascading staircase chandeliers

When choosing chandeliers, you must approach this task responsibly. As a rule, cascading chandeliers are large and are suitable for homes with high ceilings. It is not recommended to install such lighting fixtures in small rooms, as they can reduce them visually. If you do not have sufficient ceiling height for a dramatic light fixture you may opt for a model with adjustable height of the pendant and the distance between the base of the chandelier and the surface of the ceiling.

Depending on the type of ceiling attachment, the types of cascading lamps are distinguished as follows:

  • Suspended chandeliers are fixed to the ceiling with a special cable. Its length can be different.
  • Ceiling mounted – the base is fixed to the surface of the ceiling. The chandeliers seem more compact and multi-layered models for staircases create a striking effect.

modern staircase lighting chandeliers ideas

Like any piece of furniture, cascading chandeliers have their drawbacks. First of all, they are quite difficult to maintain. This is due to the fact that such light fixtures have a large number of small fragile elements. Removing dust and dirt from every detail can take a lot of time and effort.

The high price tag is another consideration. Crystal chandeliers are particularly expensive due to the high cost of the materials. However, the striking effect of the multi-layer chandeliers justifies the high price of these products.

In which room can you install a cascading chandelier?

the best cascading chandeliers for every room of the house

Of course, dramatic models can decorate any living room. For large rooms with high ceilings, it is better to choose suspended models with multi-level cascades and for small rooms you should select more compact fixtures.

A cascading chandelier is the perfect solution for staircases and looks absolutely spectacular. A magnificent model can be a real statement in your dining room and will emphasize the status and good taste of the homeowner. Cascading pendants above the dining table will complement your interior in a great way. How about an elegant chandelier for the master bathroom? Have a look in the photo gallery and see these inspiring and fascinating home interiors illuminated by exquisite cascading chandeliers!



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cascading chandeliers can be a spectacular focal point in any home

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