40 Linear chandeliers – modern suspension lighting fixtures for your home

by Kremy

Linear chandeliers have found their place in interior design and we have selected some exceptional designs that can complement any modern home. Linear lighting is widely popular in industrial premises and offices. It is the basic form of task lighting and the long, horizontal light is a fantastic choice for kitchens, dining rooms or workplaces.

linear chandeliers modern designs for every home

Proper lighting plays an important role in creating the atmosphere in any room. This is important not only in terms of eye comfort, but also to emphasize the style and interior design. Today, the lighting market offers a lot of effective solutions, but this abundance has its own minus because it is not easy to choose the type of lighting design for the room.

What are the advantages of linear chandeliers?

unique LED oval shaped linear pendant light modern home design


Linear chandeliers provide both task-oriented illumination as well as ambient lighting for a home. They are really useful because of their ability to provide either direct light down onto a surface, like a kitchen table or island, or provide general lighting. This type of linear suspension lighting is perfect for long narrow spaces and is a beautiful complement to rectangular tables. The advantages of linear light fixtures are undeniable. They are lightweight, with strict geometric forms, compatible with any other light sources; consume a minimum of electricity; safe to use; vibration resistant; provide a uniform stream of light without annoying flicker, etc. Linear LED light fixtures save energy which will save financial costs and have a very long service life. In addition, they are safe and do not need special disposal.

modern chandelier designs home lighting ideas

A linear chandelier or suspension lighting has one or a series of fixtures connected by a horizontal bar. Light can be on top of the bar or hang from the bottom. Small and complex linear chandeliers have fewer bulbs that can be effectively used to illuminate small areas. A linear chandelier can also be large and extravagant, with over 15 bulbs to emphasize the grandeur of a room. In terms of design, models range from decorative and classic to contemporary focused on simplicity. The basic structure, whether small or large, is to provide optimal lighting with a focus on functionality.

How to choose a linear chandelier or pendant light?

Linear suspension lighting above kitchen island ideas

When you want to buy a linear chandelier for your home you need to know exactly where it will be installed and what would be its main function. Are you going to use it as a main light source or as a task lighting? A linear modern light fixture is suitable for your home office, for kitchens as lighting above the island, above the dining table or the foyer. For example, a linear chandelier in the foyer is usually adjusted closer to the ceiling to illuminate the entire space while in the dining room it is lowered to the table to focus on the food area. Due to the shape and size, this type of lighting is also an excellent choice as billiard lighting and will be ideal above the pool table.

exceptional linear chandeliers creative designs modern home lighting

There is a huge variety of designs with various types of bulbs, shades and frame. Some models have strictly minimalist shapes, others combine different geometric lines and of course, there are marvelous models from famous designers with artistic and original appearance. Look at the linear lighting options in the gallery below and find inspiration for your home.




wooden LED linear suspended pendant modern chandelier design ideas

What are the advantages of linear chandeliers

types of linear chandeliers home lighting ideas

suspension light linear chandeliers home lighting ideas

Suspended linear pendant lighting above dining table modern home ideas

suspended chandelier minimalist design modern home ideas

suspended chandelier and recessed lights home lighting ideas

striking chandelier design ideas dining room lighting

spectacular linear chandeliers suspended pendant fixtures designs

rustic chandelier solid wood and metal

original lighting fixtures designs suspended linear chandelier above dining table

original light fixtures for your home suspended linear chandeliers

open plan living space light above kitchen island original suspended linear chandelier

modern linear chandelier home office design ideas

modern led suspended linear chandelier home lighting ideas

modern home lighting minimalist chandeliers above kitchen island

modern home design lighting above kitchen island ideas linear chandelier

modern chandeliers with geometric shapes

modern chandelier design ideas minimalist geometric lines

minimalist suspended light fixture above kitchen island

linear led pendant light modern home design dining room kitchen island ideas

Linear chandeliers provide task oriented illumination and ambient lighting

linear chandeliers design ideas advntages disadvantages

modern suspension lighting fixtures for your home linear chandeliers

Lighting above kitchen island linear pendant

large chandelier above dining table open plan kitchen ideas

how to choose a linear chandelier

dining room lighting ideas linear pendant above table

Contemporary linear pendant lighting ideas open plan space

contemporary kitchen with original pendant chandelier above island

contemporary kitchen design and lighting suspended pendant

contemporary chandelier designs modern home ideas

black kitchen cabinets lighting above island ideas

best suspended chandeliers modern home lighting ideas

beautiful suspended chandelier above dining table home lighting ideas



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