Open shelving in front of windows – space saving ideas for your kitchen

by Kremy

Open shelving in front of windows – this is a unique storage solution for homeowners who need extra space. We have said many times that the good design in any room is based on focal points and key elements with striking visual aesthetics. Such elements anchor the entire design and when you plan the overall concept you need to keep in mind where and what these focal points will be.

pros and cons of open shelving in kitchen

Today we would like to focus your attention on open kitchen shelves in front of windows which is a noticeable trend in modern interior designs. There are no identical kitchens or very few kitchens are the same. They differ in size, height, structural features, etc. If there is a common element in every kitchen, that is a window (or windows). Large or small, windows provide natural light and are one of the most important elements of kitchen design.

When people plan the style and the general concept for the appearance of the kitchen it is logical that they are focused on color scheme, cabinets, dining furniture, etc. Usually, the sink is located beneath the kitchen window and cabinets are lining the walls. True, it is very pleasant to look at the view while washing dishes or preparing food but the window can be used in a different way and be more of a functional space. Sometimes the view outside is not really pleasing so you may want to hide it. Shelves will help you do that and keep the focus inside.

Open shelving in front of windows – optimize the available space in the kitchen

space saving storage ideas for kitchen open shelves


When it comes to kitchen space optimization, one of the most common solutions is to go vertical. Well, this is always a good idea but you can go vertical and horizontal at the same time. Adding open shelving in front of the kitchen window provides extra storage and display area. Extra storage space for necessary items is always a necessity and greatly appreciated.

Shelves can be mounted on the wall or hang from the ceiling – the installation method will depend on your personal preferences and the kitchen design. Whether you will install one, two or more shelves will depend on the window size. If you want to keep the view, a single shelf is enough, but if you have large windows, you can have two or three shelves. Shelving in front of your window allows you to maintain light without sacrificing storage.

You can use the shelves to display beautiful glassware, artisan ceramics, and of course, this is the best place for some house plants which will add a fresh touch to your kitchen interior.

How to choose the material for your open shelves across the kitchen window?

open shelves and pot rack in front of kitchen window

Once you decide to install open shelves in front of the kitchen window, you need to select the material. Glass, solid wood, MDF, metal or combination of materials – the choice will depend on the overall decor scheme and of course, your personal preferences. Each material has its advantages and disadvantages.

glass shelves in front of kitchen windows storage ideas

Glass shelves are especially popular in modern interiors. They are a convenient and enjoy a great popularity for the lightness and uniqueness that they give to the atmosphere. Due to their transparency, they look very elegant and do not clutter up the space. In addition, glass shelves do not block natural light which is crucial for kitchens with relatively small windows. A major drawback of glass shelves is that they are not durable, can be broken easily and do not withstand heavy load. If that is your choice, you will be able to use them to store and display tableware or lightweight items and appliances.

Open shelving in front of windows space saving ideas for your kitchen


Wood shelves are classic and fit perfectly into any design style. Wooden shelves are considered universal and durable. They withstand heavy loads, so they are suitable for dishes and other heavy utensils.

Metal is a high-quality, durable and reliable material. Metal shelves harmoniously blend into minimalist or hi-tech interiors.

black brick tile shelves across windows kitchen remodel ideas

Plastic shelves are inexpensive, both simple and luxurious in appearance and easily mimic various natural materials. They are resistant to water, but depending on the quality of the material your shelves may not be able to withstand heavy loads.



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