Outdated Fashion Trends 2023: What to ABSOLUTELY Avoid Wearing?

by Gabby

We often give you a lot of ideas on what to wear so you can look absolutely stunning and trendy. However, time flies by and trends are becoming outdated. How can we keep up with everything? Deavita team is here for you! Sometimes we need a wake-up call and take a deep dive into our closets and make room for the trendy clothing. But what are the outdated fashion trends 2023? What to absolutely avoid wearing? Let us show you!

Outdated Fashion Trends 2023: What to ABSOLUTELY Avoid Wearing?

outdated fashion trends 2023 ideas on what to wear this summer

I don’t like to say that there are rules in fashion, because who likes those? However, I believe that there are certain dos and don’ts that we can keep in mind. Fashion trends are not a constant, they change all the time and it’s hard if you set out to follow them all. And let’s face it, your wardrobe is going to be a complete house with all those clothes. And then there’s the question of how to combine them… NO, NO, NO! I’m here to show you what to throw out of your closets in 2023 and avoid wearing!

Outdated Fashion Trends 2023: The Micro Skirt

outdated fashion trends 2023 micro skirt


We are starting off strong with the micro skirt! Is it in style in 2023? You are probably thinking that this is a fashion piece that everyone will be wearing, since we saw it a lot on the catwalks in 2022. However, this trend is slowly becoming outdated. Why? I mean not everyone can rock that and feel comfortable in it. It is super risky to wear outside and it is not easy to match. Even the fashionistas are skipping on it currently. So, we can say BYE to the micro skirt in 2023!

Is Low-Rise Coming Back 2023?

Low-rise jeans are something that we have stayed far away from in the past few years. Fashion experts and designers confirmed that they might be coming back and we saw a lot of models wearing them. However, this trend couldn’t make it that far. We can’t always look like Bella Hadid, for example, who is a huge fan of the low-rise. Everybody prefers the mid-rise or the high-waisted jeans. They are more comfortable to wear and can hide any imperfections we might have around the belly area. Also, one of the best parts is that they can make our legs look longer. While the low-rise can really shorten us. If you have any low-rise jeans in your wardrobe, you can give them away or simply make some denim accessories from them.

are low rise jeans back outdated fashion trends

Are Ballerina Flats in Style 2023?

Ballerina flats came back with a full force in 2022 and fashion designers believed that they will still be in style in 2023. However, I don’t think that most of the fashionistas agreed with that. People on the Internet and celebrities that we follow are still reaching for their trendy sneakers or loafers for this Spring. Is the ballerina flats fashion trend going away? We believe that they should stay in 2003!

are ballerina flats back in style 2023 fashion trends

Can We Wear Skinny Jeans in 2023?

are skinny jeans out 2023 fashion spring summer trends (1)

Some of you might believe that skinny jeans will never go out of style. I have some news for you – same as the low-rise, skinny jeans can look very outdated if you wear them in 2023. Also, they can shorten your silhouette and highlight your imperfections. Try wearing wide-leg jeans for a trendy Spring/Summer look.

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Balloon Sleeves: Yay or Nay?

are balloon sleeves in style 2023

Balloon or puff sleeves were considered super feminine back in time and you might have seen them on the catwalks last year. However, in 2023, they can look a little bit childish if not styled correctly. And I have some news – unfortunately not everyone can pull them off! For the ladies with larger backs and shoulders, you should ABSOLUTELY avoid them, because that type of sleeves can make you seem bigger!

Skater Skirts

skaters skirts are they in style 2023

Skater skirts should be mentioned for sure, if we are going to talk about outdated fashion trends. Actually, they have been out of style for a while now. They will make you look like a school girl and the silhouette of the skirt is not very flattering.

Sock Boots

are sock boots back in style how to wear them fashion trends 2023

Sock boots were almost everywhere in 2021 and 2022. But now we can say our goodbyes and let them stay in the past. They will not be trending in 2023. For the short ladies like me, avoid them at all cost! They make your legs look even shorter. For the girlies with larger calves, these boots can be your worst enemy!

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