Hair Trends 2023: 20 Blunt Bob with Bangs Hairstyles to Inspire You for Your Next Haircut

by Kremy

As per hairstylists and fashion experts, blunt bob with bangs is THE major trend of 2023. It looks that many women switch from layered hairstyles to this variation of the bob which offers a modern, edgier look. Are you ready for the change?

Why the Blunt Bob With Bangs Is Getting So Popular?

hair trends 2023 blunt bob with bangs hairstyles to inspire you for your next haircut

There is no doubt that bob is the most popular hairstyle among women of all ages. The classic haircut is a straight cut, with a length just below the earlobes. It offers the advantage of a well-groomed and elegant look for any occasion. What is a blunt bob, anyway? What is the difference between a bob hairstyles and a blunt bob haircut? While bob hairstyles come in numerous variations – choppy, shaggy, layered, stacked, etc., the blunt bob is cut in a straight line. You will immediately recognize it as it has no layers.

why the blunt bob with bangs is getting so popular


Bangs have been at the top of the trends for years, so this haircut is especially relevant. For this hairstyle you can choose a bob of any length: from a short “bob” to a shoulder grazing length. You can get a straight fringe, full bangs, blunt bangs, baby bangs, curtain bangs, see through bangs, etc.

does a blunt bob make you look younger

Does a blunt bob make you look younger? Yes, this hairstyle offers a playful look which will help mature women look younger. In addition, it makes your hair look thicker, the bangs will hide forehead wrinkles, which is another plus for this haircut!

Are Blunt Bobs Low Maintenance?

are blunt bobs low maintenance

Blunt bobs are not exactly low maintenance hairstyles. How often do you need to trim your haircut? You must get regular trims every four to six weeks to maintain it.

How to Style a Blunt Bob with Bangs?

how to style a blunt bob with bangs

The general issue with blunt cuts, including the blunt bob, is that the tips of the hair tend to flip outwards. This means that, unless you have naturally straight hair, you will need to blow dry your hair to maintain the straight line. An option is to blow dry the tips inwards which will give your blunt cut a more classic look. You can also make waves for a careless vibe.

Blunt Bob with Blunt Bangs

blunt bob with blunt bangs 2023 hairstyle trends

Blunt bangs are what most people imagine when they think of bangs. They are cut in a straight line and can be paired with long or short blunt bob. Make sure to blow dry your blunt bangs immediately after washing your hair.

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Blunt Bob with Baby Bangs

blunt bob with baby bangs 2023 trendy hairstyles

Baby bangs hairstyles are another trend in 2023. They end above the eyebrows and unlike blunt bangs, can be choppy, wispy or straight. Blunt bobs with baby bangs can vary in length as well – from short (which strongly resembles the French bob) to long.

Blunt Bob with Curtain Bangs

blunt bob with curtain bangs 2023 hairstyle trends

Blunt bob with curtain bangs is another form of aesthetic pleasure. A parting in the middle, even tips slightly twisted with a round brush, and flawless bangs, softening the shape of the face – what’s not to love about this haircut? It is very beautiful and stylish.

French Girl Bob

french girl bob french bob hairstyle

The French bob is one of the most stylish, popular haircuts, created for girls with refined taste. It is relaxed and slightly careless. The French Bob in its classic version is a short chin length haircut with straight bangs, falling to the eyebrows. The tips of the hair are slightly curved, so the hairstyle looks natural, slightly disheveled, which is ideal for the French style.

Shoulder Length Blunt Bob with Bangs

shoulder length blunt bob with bangs

Shoulder length bob or a blunt Lob, if you prefer, is a very feminine hairstyle. The hair falls to the shoulders, which allows free movement. You can choose a straight or wavy version of the bob depending on the look you want.

Blunt Bob with Wispy Bangs

blunt bob with wispy bangs trendy haircuts 2023

This haircut is a great choice for women with fine hair. The soft and feathery bangs are light and make you look really chic. To accent your bangs, tuck the strands behind the ears.

Blunt Bob with Side Swept Bangs

blunt bob with side swept bangs haierstyle trends 2023

Side swept bangs allow us to add a chic touch to the blunt bob haircut. You can wear your hair straight or style it in soft waves. Opt for long bangs which allow different types of styling.

Blunt Curly Bob with Bangs

blunt curly bob with bangs

Curly locks look spectacular and beautiful. However, their owners have a lot of trouble in terms of care, styling and selection of a suitable hairstyle. A blunt bob haircut on curly hair is a great hairstyle for your curls. It is great for both soft waves, as well as small, mischievous curls.

More Ideas for Blunt Bob with Bangs to Try in 2023

blunt bob cut with straight bangs

2023 Blunt Bob with Asymmetrical Bangs

2023 blunt bob with asymmetrical bangs

Stylish Long Bob with Blunt Bangs

2023 hairstyle trends shoulder length blunt bob with blunt bangs

The Perfect Hairstyle to Make You Look Younger

blunt bob with blunt bangs for women over 50

Blunt Wavy Bob with Curtain Bangs

blunt wavy bob with curtain bangs

Micro Bob with Baby Bangs

micro bob with baby bangs

Short Bob with Bangs for Thick Hair

short blunt bob with bangs for thick hair

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