Boyfriend Bob 2022: 7 Fabulous Takes on the Hair Trend Plus Tips on How to Style Them!

by Kristiyana

Don’t you sometimes just get this urge to take a pair of scissors and chop away your long locks? Are you looking for a low-maintenance hairstyle that also comes to be trendy and stylish? Well, do I have some good news in stored for you! The hit hair trend of this fall is here to give you everything you have been looking for with the boyfriend bob 2022 haircut! Hold on tight for some great and fashionable options on how to spice things up with your looks with a fresh new take on this classic hairstyle.

Introducing the Boyfriend Bob 2022!

boyfriend bob hair trend_how to get a boyfriend bob

You might be asking yourselves, what is so different about this new bob look? Well, according to expert hair stylists, the boyfriend bob’s shape is more close to a square, which very nicely frames the face. Its length is longer than a lob bob, coming close somewhere between the chin and the middle of the neck. The hot and trendy boyfriend bob is a mix of old and new, and it’s the perfect choice if you are thinking of getting a fresher and fabulous look for the upcoming fall holidays! Wondering if this cut will suit you? How is it styled? Let’s find out and look at some of its stylish takes, so you can get the picture of what would be best for you!

Who does the boyfriend bob suit ?

short blonde hairstyles_boyfriend bob trend 2022


The boyfriend bob haircut can suit almost any face shape! That’s one of its best qualities! For those with a square or round face shape, you will easily pull off this cut! If you have an oval, heart, or diamond one, chances are that with little adjustments the hairdo will also suit you. Best to first consult with your hair stylist. Before submitting to the cut, it is good to know if this hairstyle will turn out the way you want it to. Next time you visit the salon, show your stylist pictures of the haircut you desire. Explain to them what are your requirements, they will know what to do. You can also compare your face shape to the ones outlined in the image below if you are not certain of which type of face shape you have.

face shape comparison_hairstyles for a round face shape

How to style this trendy hairstyle?

kim kardashian hairstyle_kim kardashian hair

When you are wondering how to style the boyfriend bob cut, first you need to decide on what kind of look you are going for. Do you want your hair to be more sleek and smooth? Or maybe natural and flowy? If you want the sleek touch, you will have to put more work into styling it. Add a cream-to-serum product, better while the hair is still wet. The next move would be to use a straightening iron to sharpen the edges of your hair. You can style them inwards to shape your haircut. The last step is adding a finishing cream to hold those ends sharp. If you want your boyfriend bob hairstyle to look more natural, best to just leave your hair to air-dry. Try adding some mousse while it’s still wet to give it texture.

Boyfriend Bob 2022: the celebrity trend

lucy boynton hair_fall hairstyle trends

We already saw above how stunning Kim K. looks with her new boyfriend bob cut, but I definitely think we need some more fabulous examples here! For starters, take a look at actress Lucy Boynton’s easy going take on the hair trend. Keeping it natural and wavy, got a have it! As I personally prefer to leave my hair to air-dry so that I can avoid heat damage, this style gets a big “yes” from me!

brunette boyfriend bob hair cut_hairstyles for short brunette hair

And we have the great queen herself! How could you not want the same haircut as Rihanna herself? This fashion icon is also going with the wavy take on the trend. RiRi takes it a bit further with adding bangs, which I think she certainly pulls off! What do you say?

blonde boyfriend bob ideas_ blonde boyfriend bob hairstyles

And we can’t have a list of celebrities with great fashion sense without adding Hailey Bieber herself now, can we? The blonde beauty makes the boyfriend bob look stunning and stylish with a bit of twist at the middle of her locks. I wish I could have hair like hers! She is just the star of fashion trends!

dakota johnson style_ dakota johnson haircut

Lastly, but by no means least, we have the fabulous Dakota Johnson! Doesn’t she look like a total French girl with her striped shirt and round sunglasses complementing her new boyfriend bob hair? I love how she made the edges of her locks go inward to really frame her face. And bangs again! This hairstyle just goes so well with bangs. Don’t you think? Why not try it out?!

I hope you gals got at least a slight idea on how the boyfriend bob haircut of 2022 would look on you and how can you style it. Remember, always bring photos to the hair salon so that your stylist knows exactly what you want! And this fresh and foxy hairstyle is just so low maintenance that how can you skip the opportunity on getting it?

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