Short gray haircut fall 2022: 7 trendy hairstyles for women aged 20 to 70

by Kremy

Salt and pepper manes are particularly chic and daring and you can show them off whether you are in your 20s or 70s. There are so many ways to wear them this fall 2022 and we love them all. For example, try a short gray haircut. Your look will appear much fresher, a little playful but very seductive and feminine. With that in mind, here are the latest hair trends of the season to change your look brilliantly!

What short gray haircut to wear this fall 2022?

gray hair trend fall 2022 short hairstyles women

Whether you’re aging gracefully with a natural gray or want to embrace the 2022 It-girl trend Oyster grey dye, we’ve found 7 short gray hairstyles that will give you pretty options for lazy days, office looks, casual styles and formal events. Discover the best styles to add to your hair repertoire with our packed photo guide!

What salt and pepper haircut? Pixie Bob with gray highlights

Short gray haircut fall 2022 trend pixie bob


Short gray hairstyles are many and different. However, if you are looking for a dramatic cut enhanced with a brilliant coloring technique, then we have something special for you. The pixie bob combined with silver highlights is exactly the hairstyle that will make you stand out in the crowd wherever you go. In addition, such a haircut is suitable for any event you go to, from the official meeting to the informal party. Try it, you won’t regret it!

Salt and pepper hair: Pixie with undercut

salt and pepper hair woman 30 years old pixie undercut fall 2022

It’s easy to assume that short gray hair limits you in the number of looks you can try. Be sure – it’s just the opposite! One look at this edgy mix of pixie cut and undercut in one hairstyle will help you see what we have in mind. Adding layers can remove unnecessary volume or introduce a little; it will certainly depend on your preferences.

Short Gray Haircut for Women Over 50: Classic Pixie

Short gray haircut fall 2022 women 50 year old with classic pixie and glasses

No matter what angle you look at social media star Grece Ghanem’s hair from, it’s perfect. It’s an effortless, elevated look that emphasizes the natural gray, with a few tweaks to make it more polished. One thing to note about this color: it’s not for everyone. We don’t recommend trying to color your hair this shade of gray, as it will need to be very light initially. Instead, it would work best if you already have white-gray hair.

Ultra short haircut for women with silver hair

silver grey hair women ultra short cut fall 2022

This hairstyle has been for some time very popular with the models parading on the catwalks of the fashion weeks. It is similar to a bowl cut but shorter. It draws attention to the eyes and gives an iridescent glow that makes it look almost unreal. The color is indeed a very light silver with no shade of blue or purple. Also, it is advantageous to be so short because such a light shade of hair is sometimes prone to breaking.

Short gray haircut for women over 60: Bowl cut

Short gray haircut women 60 years old bowl cut fall 2022

The bowl cut is making a comeback this fall 2022. It’s ditching its traditional stiff and smooth look for now. Hairstyles that are packed with texture are the It Girl look of the season, and this modern style is one of them. If you think the bowl cut is just for young women, think again. Women over 60 are also sporting this hairstyle in recent years and they are shining brightly.

Short haircut for women 2022 gray hair: Bob

short haircut salt and pepper bob trend autumn 2022

The contrast between steel gray hair and black roots creates a rich and versatile look. It’s such a cool way to go gray, but beware: a look like this can require a lot of maintenance. You will need to bleach your hair before dyeing it. The silver color goes perfectly with a warm complexion and we love how it brings out the texture of straight hair. To keep silver locks healthy and shiny, choose hair products that reduce brassiness.

How to look young with gray hair? French bob cut

gray hair cut woman 50 years old french bob fall 2022

Short, clean, and chic, this cut stole the show in hair trends for fall 2022. In this French bob, the arrangement of gray with natural highlights appears silvery and metallic. The gray has a very pearly undertone, which makes the hair reflective and rich in dimension. The angular bob also gives them a bold look.



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