How to cover gray hair without dyeing: 6 options for naturally beautiful manes in old age

by Kremy

Many people get their first gray streaks in their 40s. From 45, they become more and more, until you suddenly see them everywhere. But rarely do we want to celebrate the first sign of aging. We would rather cover gray hair, ideally without having to dye the entire hair. There should be a solution that saves time, is easy to care for and, above all, protects skin and hair! We are looking for different methods and have found 6 options to cover gray hair without dyeing.

How to cover gray hair without dyeing?

conceal grey hairline with touch up pen

Would you like to cover gray hair without dyeing? No problem. The most important thing is to find the right method for your own situation. Individual hairs can still be well hidden with hair cosmetics – powder, sprays and pencils work perfectly in this case. They conceal the little hairs and re-dyeing every three weeks is no longer necessary.

If the gray hair is a bit more, then you can try to “dye” it with natural products. In this case, various spices and herbs come to the rescue, as well as other natural dyes, such as henna. A new hairstyle can also work wonders. The first gray hairs often grow on top of the hair. A side parting or a layered haircut can cover the streaks of gray.

In the case of a majority of gray hairs, the process is different. In this case, various gentle coloring techniques such as coloration, highlights or gray blending are much more suitable. They all have one thing in common: the hair looks very natural, the gray hair is not dyed, but rather mixed with the hair color as naturally as possible.

Cover the hairline with spray

cover gray hair without dyeing tips and tricks


Root sprays have established themselves as important helpers in the fight against gray hair in recent years. To make the hair look natural, you should apply the color as sparingly as possible and then work in the color pigments with a brush. Then wait a bit until the product dries. The color applied in this way only lasts until the next hair wash and does not penetrate into the hair structure.

Use the touch-up pen for individual gray hairs

If the product is to be applied as precisely as possible to individual strands, then the hair mascara and the touch-up pen are ideal. Wash, dry and comb your hair. Then pull it back and apply the mascara with the special brush in the set. To make the color pigments look as natural as possible, comb through the strands and then let the hair dry a little. These products also last until the next hair wash. Since the colors are water-soluble, the hair should be touched up regularly in the event of rain and high humidity.

Coloring gray hair naturally: lightening and toning

dye gray hair naturally and lighten with lemon

There are numerous natural methods that can be used to tone or lighten gray hair. Lemon juice and chamomile tea lighten, coffee is said to make the hair black again and beetroot is the perfect choice for a beautiful red mane. While regular use is crucial for the end result with these natural remedies, henna dyes can quickly cover the strands in reddish brown. How intense this coloring will be depends mainly on the pigmentation of the hair. That means – if you have individual gray strands, then you can achieve an even tint with the herbal remedy. White hair does not contain hair pigments and will absorb the henna color more intensely. Therefore, it can happen that individual strands are dyed fox red.

The right hairstyle for gray hair can do wonders

how to choose the right hairstyle for grey hair

Gray strands in the top hair can be skillfully concealed with a side parting. The gray hairline will be less noticeable if you backcomb it. Different braided hairstyles also bring zest to the hair and can specifically cover individual gray hairs. Certain hair accessories can also be used in specifically to conceal gray hair. However, the glam bob and hairstyles with straight hair make the gray highlights stand out more. So it’s worth visiting the hairdresser and trying a new haircut.

Coloring and highlights

hide gray hair with the right hairstyle

Highlights are a great way to cover up isolated gray strands. In contrast to hair dyeing, the highlights are specifically worked into the hair in such a way that they look as natural as possible and do not need to be dyed afterwards. With coloration, the entire hair is dyed. This method is really only suitable if the gray strands appear more and more and the hair has a “salt and pepper” color.

Gray blending

grey blending ideas grow grey hair out

Gray blending is a method in which the gray hair is colored in different shades. This creates a smooth transition between your hair color and the gray highlights. In addition, this color technique offers another decisive advantage: the gray roots are not so noticeable and you can postpone your visit to the hairdresser by a few weeks. Gray blending works particularly well on women with blonde hair. Even ladies with dark brown hair look good after the tint. Balayage is less successful on women with dark hair with a red tint.

By the way, you don’t necessarily have to conceal your gray hair, you can showcase it with a short haircut with bangs. In combination with Gray Blending you can then let the hair grow out.

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