Top 5 Best Highlights for Gray Hair: How to Achieve a Stunning Gray Hairstyle?

by Kristiyana

You wake up in the morning, look in the mirror, and what do you see? Ahhh…another gray hair has decided to join the party. Just can’t seem to hide from them! You don’t have the time to give yourself another quick dye, and this is what happens. Isn’t it frustrating? Aren’t you tired of always having to try different dyes, and not one seems to hold out for long? Somehow the gray hairs always find a way to come out. Well, maybe it’s time to try something different. Why not embrace your gracious silver hairs with trying out the top 5 best highlights for gray hair this year?! Let’s go!

1. Herringbone highlights for gray hair

herringbone highlights_herringbone highlights for gray hair

Herringbone Highlights are the top trend this year when it comes to gray hair! Fabulous celebrities going gray like Jessica Parker, Jennifer Aniston and Gwyneth Paltrow seem to be among the icons of this stylish trend! Herringbone highlights give you the opportunity to wear your silver hairs with grace and style! The herringbone colouring technique is about mixing your own silver streaks with warmer and cooler tones of highlights, which creates a sporadic effect. As your gray hairs grow in irregular patterns, your new highlights should be spread out in the same manner. What is so great and fresh about this trend is that instead of trying to hide your silver, you get to embrace and celebrate it! The herringbone highlights are placed around your own pattern of gray hair and create a hairstyle that is uniquely yours!

2. Face framing highlights

face framing highlights_highlights for gray hair


As most gray hairs first pop up around the temples, the face-framing highlights are perfect for this occasion! This highlighting technique will not cover, but will blend your gray hairs with other shades of silver or blonde in order to achieve a frame around your face. The hairstyle is low-maintenance, as the added tones to your own silver streaks help out in the situations when new ones grow. Thanks to the softer colours in your face framing hairstyle, the new gray hairs won’t stand out as they usually would when they decide to surprisingly arise. Fewer trips to the salon? Sounds great! According to experts, the face framing highlights are perfect for people with natural blonde or dark blonde hair. Having this for darker hair will just come to look unnatural, so keep that in mind if you have black or brunette hair.

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3. Ombré highlights for gray hair

gray ombre_ombre highlights

This one is for us girls with darker hairs! When you are wondering how to get the best highlights for gray hair, and you have black or brunette roots, a stunning dark and gray ombre could be the answer to your pleas! Black and gray go so well together, that even younger girls who haven’t yet received their gracious gray hairs have been rushing to the hair salon to get this trendy gray hairstyle! And when you have begun to collect your silver, just give a visit to your colourist and ask for a gray ombre! He/she will add additional tones of gray to blend in with your own ones. As your roots are dark, your hair will just gradually get more silver towards the end to achieve this fabulous look. I am definitely trying this one!

4. Multidimensional gray highlights

multi-dimensional gray highlights_gray hairstyles

Sometimes your gray hair just ins’t growing in even patches as you want it to. There is a lighter one here, and a darker one there. What a mess! When you are in this situation, make a visit to your colourist and ask them to balance out your silver streaks with a mixture of different tones. Adding lighter shades to your gray hair will help to soften their growth process, and make it look more natural and even. With the multidimensional gray highlights, your hair will grow gracefully and with style!

5. Salt and Pepper Highlights and Lowlights

salt and pepper hair_salt and pepper hairstyles

Speaking of hit hair trends, I think it’s time to talk about salt and pepper hair! This unique hairdo consists of a mix of gray, silver, and black tones. It involves adding highlights, as well as lowlights, to your hair. It is perfect for anyone who is looking for a more natural look, and it goes well on both lighter and darker hair colours! The salt and pepper hairstyle is achieved by highlighting the “pepper” parts of your hair and dying the “salt” part in a lowlight. This colouring method helps you to achieve a balanced and stylish hairstyle!

Going gray isn’t something women should be afraid of, especially nowadays! There are so many ideas everywhere on how to make your gray hair look fabulous and well-maintained. I just presented you with a bunch of them! So girls prepare some pictures of these fashionable hairstyles and get to highlighting!

Best Highlights for Gray Hair—Photo Gallery

herringbone highlights_herringbone highlights on gray hair

Doesn’t Jennifer Aniston just rock the herringbone highlights?!

gray hair highlights_highlights for older women

This gray ombré is just to die for!

gray ombre ideas_grey ombre ideas

A gentle face-frame to bring out your complexion

face-framing highlights_face-framing highlights for gray hair

Fabulous take on salt and pepper highlights

salt-and-pepper hairstyle_ salt and pepper trend

Gray highlights icon! Gotta have them

highlights for grey hair_sarah jessica parker hairstyle

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