80’s fashion ideas: How to dress this autumn of 2022 and look like a true fashionista?

by Gabby

Tell me, who didn’t love to play dress up with their mom’s clothes and heels? I personally loved to do so. I was spending hours checking myself in the mirror, trying different things and pretending I was a grown up. Well… I grew up, and now I see that many of the fashion trends are coming back from the past. Many of the designers are drawing inspiration from the colorful patterns, animal prints, polka dots in the 80’s. Let’s see some of the best 80’s fashion ideas that will help us dress like true fashionistas this autumn!

80’s fashion ideas on how to dress this autumn

80's fashion trends coming back in 2022 fashion inspirations

The 80’s made a huge impact on the fashion industry. Until then, people thought that minimalism was the way to go, if you want to dress fashionably. The styles were more neat if I may say so. The 1980s was all about dressing in loud colors and patterns, leather, denim, etc. If I had to describe the style back then, it would be definitely “dress to impress”. The good thing is that I don’t think there are any strict rules when it comes to color or fabric combination. You can get really creative and put together an outfit that everyone will notice. Check out some of the best 80’s fashion trends that are coming back this year!

1. Polka dot dresses: Playful and feminine

polka dot princess diana 80s trend fashion trends coming back 2022


Is there anything more feminine than a sleek polka dot dress? It is so playful and fun, but at the same time it is giving this classy woman energy. Who else to show how to rock a polka dot dress than the icon itself, Princess Diana? I personally think anything she wore, turned into a fashion trend and with a good reason. She wore everything with such grace. This year polka dots skirts, dresses, and tops are back.

 2. 80’s fashion ideas to look incredible – try a mini skirt!

80's fashion ideas on what to wear this autumn fashion trends 2022

Credits: valerieyordanova

The mini skirts were first introduced in the 60’s, however, in the 80’s people really experimented with the fabrics and the looks. Many popular skirts were the tutu, skater skirt, puffy skirt, denim skirt, etc. This fall, you can include the mini skirt as a must-have in your fashion finds list. It goes well with boots and loafers. You can wear it with a short jacket or a long coat.

3. Denim on denim: The cool girl look

80s fashion ideas what to wear this fall season denim on denim

Denim on denim, another great trend in the 80’s, that created this cool girl look. It was worn not only by women, but also men. They combined tight jeans with oversized denim jackets and walked around like fashion icons. Now, the double denim art does not only apply when we have jeans and a jacket. You can combine a denim skirt with a denim top, or shorts with a jacket. You can even mix and match the denim shades.

4. Animal prints are back!

animal print 80s fashion ideas trends autumn favorites

There is nothing that Kim Kardashian will wear, if it’s not the most fashionable at the current moment. That is why we see her in animal print clothing. The animal prints are back, for good or for worst. You don’t have to go all out like shown on the picture, but there is nothing bad in playing with them patterns. Wear an animal print skirt as a statement piece, and match it with a regular t-shirt. You can put on some jeans, white t-shirt and put some animal printed boots.

5. Biker shorts: Let’s create a casual or elegant look!

80's biker shorts fashion ideas kendall jenner inspiration

Biker shorts are yet another trend that went viral because of our all-time favorite, Princess Diana! Now we see celebrities like Kendall Jenner and Hailey Bieber, wearing them all the time and matching them with pretty much everything. I have seen biker shorts matched with a blazer and heels. You can create elegant looks, but also casual and sporty looks.

6. 80’s fashion ideas on how to rock a statement t-shirt

80's fashion ideas statement t-shirts fashion trend 2022

Have you ever thought about how does a trend start? Who thought of it? Well, I have a pretty interesting fact when it comes to the statement t-shirts. It all started when designer Katharine Hamnett went to meet Margaret Thatcher, the famous prime minister. She was wearing a t-shirt with a logo that shows she was against the nuclear missiles, and she wanted to save the planet. That was an absolute political statement, she was chosen for designer of the year. Now, we see Dior creating statement t-shirts and many other designers. They do not have to be political, of course. It can be a funny logo, a brand name, or anything that you personally love. I have a t-shirt that says “I love cheeseburgers!”, and I really do!

7. Leather dresses, if you want to look expensive

80's fashion ideas what to wear this autumn and be fashionable inspirations

There is a certain thing about leather dress that will make you stand out. They surely make you look expensive. It was the rise of the leather pants in the 1980’s that made leather dress very popular among women. It is a very bold fashion piece, however, it still allows you to be innovative and pair it with whatever you like, so you can personalize your look. If you want to copy the style shown on the photo, try wearing some stylish ankle boots!

8. Corsets: The fashion item for my brave girls!

corset fashion trends outfit inspiration 2022 80’s fashion ideas

This is one of the 80’s fashion ideas that I think you can adapt in so many ways. This waist defining piece can be very controversial when it comes to history, but let’s not get historical! It is so gorgeous, and it can shape your torso so well. You can wear it on its own, or another way is over a white long shirt.

9. Cowboy boots: all-time favorite 80’s fashion idea

cowboy boots fashion trend inspirations from the 1980's hailey bieber julia roberts 80’s fashion ideas

Cowboy boots are my personal favorite! I just recently bought my first pair and I cannot stop wearing them. I wear them with jeans, as our style icon Hailey Bieber, or with a dress, or a skirt. It was the growing popularity of Western movies that made the impact for these boots, and I cannot thank them enough. If you want to achieve this boho, casual look, check how to wear cowboy boots in different ways.

10. Leather blazers, leather jackets, leather everything!

leather blazer bella hadid fashion inspiration 2022 viral trends 80’s fashion ideas

Leather was very popular during the 1980’s as I already mentioned. In the years before that, leather blazer or jackets, were very popular among men, but during the 80’s women begin to rock them as well and look fabulous. We see many celebrities incorporate a leather blazer, a leather jacket or even a trench coat in their 2022 looks.


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