How to wear ankle boots: what clothes to combine with the most popular fall shoes for women?

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When summer dress season is over, figuring out how to wear ankle boots can be difficult. Sure, they’re the fall fashion shoes for the ladies, but how do you tuck your pants into the boots? Or do you leave them open? Can you wear them with jogging pants or should you save them for shorter pants and smarter occasions? If these questions sound like your inner monologue as you stand in front of the mirror pondering what to wear, then these tips and tricks on how to wear ankle boots are for you.

How do celebrities wear ankle boots this fall?

Combine ankle boots with what can you wear these autumn shoes

Whether you’re cuffing your jeans, pairing grunge boots with soft fabrics and colors, or leaving a little space between the hem and toe, here are some genius celebrity-loved outfit hacks to show off your favorite ankle boots. These tips and tricks will help you style every ankle boot in your closet — cowboy, cleated, snakeskin, etc. — so they don’t become the pair you bought but never wore.

Combine them with cool basics

How celebrities wear ankle boots in fall


Make your boots the focal point of your look by pairing them with cool basics (like a leather blazer and jeans) that won’t take the shine off them. Kaia Gerber wears a relaxed denim cut that slides seamlessly over her ankle boots, which are hemmed so they don’t show at the top of the shoe.

Wear ankle boots with leggings

Can you wear ankle boots with leggings

Yes, you can definitely wear leggings with boots. Let Chanel Iman’s skillful combination inspire you: High-waist leather leggings with matching boots ensure a slim look. The leggings end just above the close-fitting boots to avoid unwanted creasing of the hem while showing the slightest hint of skin.

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Add some glamor to your ankle boots

Ankle boots are perfect to add a touch of glamour

If Lizzo can wear ankle boots on the red carpet, then surely she can flaunt yours at a formal event or New Year’s Eve party. They add a cool look to any dressy outfit – especially when they’re two-toned. Ankle boots are perfect for adding a touch of glamor to a formal suit, while glittery boots will jazz up a simple dress.

Set a colorful fall accent with ankle boots

Set a colorful accent with ankle boots

Are bright boots intimidating? As Emma Roberts proves, they are quite wearable. Simply combine a garment in a similar shade from your closet.

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Wear ankle boots with a suit

Combine ankle boots with a suit

Choose a graphic t-shirt and ankle boots the next time you’re trying to tone down a smart suit (but still want to look fabulously chic). If your pants are fitted, make sure your boots end below the hem. You can also choose wide-leg pants to wear over ankle boots. If you didn’t manage to hem your pants, heeled ankle boots can compensate the excess length.

Keep the balance with chunky boots and soft fabrics

balance chunky boots and soft fabrics

If your entire outfit is silky, cozy and soft all over, spice it up with a pair of chunky with cleated soles for a street style star look. A work boot or chunky platform sole will offset some of the sweetness of a long, flowy skirt or dress.

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How to wear ankle boots: Combine them with jogging pants

Pair ankle boots with jogging pants

The secret to Zendaya’s unexpected outfit: She chose jogging bottoms that taper in at the ankle to go well with the slim boots. If you want to recreate Zendaya’s look, you should definitely pay attention to makeup and hair to give the whole ensemble an elegant touch – not just your feet.

Opt for cropped jeans

Showing a little ankle is key to showing your boots

Showing a little ankle is the key to making your boots pop. A bit of skin draws the eye and breaks up your look so your black-on-black-on-black outfit doesn’t melt into a single dark blur.

Wear ankle boots with statement socks

Wear ankle boots with trendy socks

When Selena Gomez does it, we usually do it too. Feel free to adopt this philosophy if you’re just thinking about wearing a pair of fancy socks with your booties. The extra layer keeps you warm and feels so autumnal.

More Fall Ideas – Experiment with rain boots

experiments with rain boots

Rain doesn’t have to be in the forecast for you to take out your rubber boots. You can tuck your pant legs straight into the boots to secure them at the ankles.

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Go grunge this fall with ankle boots

Pair chunky boots with a midi skirt

Pair chunky ankle boots with a midi skirt for an effortless look. Achieve the sandwich effect by pairing your belt and shoes with an unexpected white skirt for an interesting way to spice up your ensemble.

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