Fall-Winter 2022/2023 shoe fashion: Platform ankle boots add a sharp touch to every look!

by Kremy

The star shoe trend of the moment, platform ankle boots are practical, chic and versatile and they will be on everyone’s feet in the coming weeks. Thanks to their XXL soles, these must-have ankle boots allow us to slender our silhouette and at the same time remain flat. Regardless of the model chosen, platform boots have a lot to offer us in terms of comfort and fashion potential. To help you make the best choice, our editors have unearthed the most stylish and inspiring looks. From everyday outfits to evening outfits: Fall-Winter 2022/2023 shoe fashion offers something for everyone!

Our clever ideas and tips for wearing platform boots like a real fashion influencer

trendy womens fashion fall 2022 outfits ideas how to wear platform boots

The trendy fall 2022 ankle boots are very often seen on the feet of fashion influencers and will also be worn in winter to guarantee optimal comfort for trendy girls. The oversized soles are the key element that boosts the fashion potential of a look, whatever the style. So, let’s see how to wear THE fall-winter 2022/2023 shoe trend to keep your toes warm!

Fall-Winter 2022 shoe fashion: Ideas for everyday outfits to enhance your platform boots

fashion trend 2022 colors fall trend yellow long coat


Need an idea for a cozy and stylish look in the fall? There’s nothing better than getting platform boots and pairing them with shades that will make for the off-season! A must-have for fall and winter dressing, the long imitation sheepskin coat is a piece that helps you face the cold. And how to create a top of the fall look?

The answer is very simple: we opt for the trendy fall-winter 2022/2023 colors that promise to invite the freshness and softness of the late fall into the wardrobe. In this particular case, it’s mustard yellow and purple: two shades that go together wonderfully. Our editors also recommend opting for mid-calf boots for better protection against the rain.

boots trend autumn 2022 ideas denim jacket

Women’s lace-up ankle boots with XXL notched soles are another perfect option to polish up your fall look. The outfit above is more suitable for the slightly warmer days of fall and for every day! Just match the shades well and don’t forget the other essential piece of the season, the famous denim jacket.

black leather platform boots fashion fall 2022 sweater mini skirt with flowers

Summer is coming to an end, but we continue to stock up on floral motifs by combining them with elements specific to fall. What does that mean exactly? For example, the oversized sweater goes very well with floral shorts or with a floral mini skirt. Then put on tights and a pair of platform boots to structure your silhouette.

black leather chelsea boots women fall winter 2022 2023 shoe fashion cycling shorts

The total (or almost) black look is particularly worn at the start of the season and is a timeless fashion trend. In fall 2022, cycling shorts are all the rage and can be perfectly combined with a pair of platform Chelsea boots, preferably mid-calf height. We get a black blazer, a white T-Shirt to energize the outfit a little and voila.

Boots invite themselves into evening looks

evening outfit idea trendy winter 2022 boots XXL soles little black dress

Who says black leather platform ankle boots don’t go with an evening outfit? According to fall-winter 2022/2023 fashion, you can literally wear them with everything and without missteps! Here is the proof above: the very fashionable women’s Chelsea boots with notched soles perfectly complement the outfit made up of a little black dress and matching blazer.

lace up boots women xxl sole midi skirt with sequins leather jacket

The evening look can also consist of a sequined midi skirt and trendy winter 2022 ankle boots with XXL soles that give the impression of a more imposing silhouette. As for accessories, we keep them rather minimalist!

The fall-winter 2022 platform ankle boots in some stylish looks

chelsea boots with platform fashion fall 2022

Trendy ankle boots 2022 perfectly complement the cozy fall outfit

boots trend 2022 fall outfits autumn winter checkered skirt

We do not neglect neutral colors this fall-winter 2022/2023

fall winter 2022 2023 boots trend

Fashion trend 2022: Black leather platform boots are even adorned with rhinestones

boots trend autumn 2022 daily outfit

Touches of pink to embellish the monochrome look in fall

fall 2022 fashion total black look pink accessories

Fall-winter 2022 fashion: the total leather look is reserved for daring girls

total leather look fashion fall winter 2022 2023 trend platform shoes

It is very easy to compose a cozy and chic casual fall outfit

fashion trend fall winter 2022 2023 platform boots everyday wear

Animal print and a pair of trendy 2022 ankle boots with XXL soles

lace up boots womеn fashion shoes fall winter 2022 2023 everyday outfit

Mid-calf boots give the finishing touches to the fall outfit

lace up boots fashion shoes fall winter 2022 2023

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