Winter 2022/2023 shoe trend: 8 pairs of shoes that every girl must look out for this winter

by Kristiyana

Winter has started to settle in, and one of the thoughts that comes to every girl’s mind is, “Do I have a proper pair of shoes for this winter season?”. You might think you do, but what if last year’s pair can’t survive even one more day of snow and cold weather? Or you just want new, shiny and sexy shoes for the upcoming Christmas or New Year’s party? Whichever reason may be, you have come to the correct place to find just what you are looking for! So girls, if you want to know more about the winter 2022/2023 shoe trend, keep on reading and find out which 8 pairs of shoes every girl will desperately look for this season!

Mary janes shoes winter 2022/2023 trend

mary janes shoes_winter shoes trend

This trendy pair of shoes was once worn mostly with a school girl uniform, but nowadays, Mary Janes are considered to be part of the “It Girl” wardrobe. The shoes give a girly, but sophisticated look and are comfortable for everyday occasions. They go great with a muted colour palette, so pair them with a chunky beige jumper, plaid skirt and a pair of white knee-high socks.

Winter 2022/2023 shoe trend: Metallics

metallic shoes_shoes trend 2022-2023


This winter 2022/2023 shoe trend brings you with glittering style that will have you on your feet by metallizing silver, gold, green, and every other colour of the rainbow! Bring sparkle, elegance, and radiance wherever you go to combat the brief days and long gloomy nights. Metallic ballerina flats, heels, and boots are claiming to be the new neutral. Silver makes a statement, but it goes with every colour. A metallic touch will elevate any outfit, whether you’re wearing a floral dress, a black trench coat, or a sporty puffer.

Anything bows for winter 2022/2023 shoes

winter 2022-2023 shoes trend_shoes with bows

In need of more girly shoes option? Well, rumour has it that the shoe trends for winter 2022/2023 are also going to include bows! Whether they are platform heels, pointed-toe flats or statement mules, opt for a lovely pair that includes a bow. Bow shoes will be a great option to incorporate in your holiday party outfit.

Winter 2022/2023 shoe trend: Denim

denim shoes_denim shoes trend

One of the hit trends of 2022 was certainly denim wear. Baggy jeans and jean jackets, but have you heard anything about denim shoes? It appears that shoes made from or resembling denim material will be one of the hit winter 2022/2023 shoe trends! Opt for a pair of knee-high denim boots and wear them with an oversized white T and short cut-off jean shorts over tights. You can finish the look with a denim clutch or leather bag.

Clogs shoes winter 2022/2023 trend

winter 2022-2023 shoe trend_winter shoes trend


One of the most popular shoe trends of the year, clogs shoes are basically everywhere. For winter 2022/2023, designers are offering an abundance of choices you can go with for wearing clogs. They can be furry and heeled, backless and easily slipped-on, or leathered and metallic. Take your pick! Clogs are best suited for a more casual look, so you can sport them with linen trousers or wide-leg dress pants.

Tobacco shoes for this winter’s wear

winter 2022-2023 shoe trend_tabacco-coloured shoes

Coming to another shoe trend that will certainly be worn during this winter, we have tobacco-coloured shoes! The type of shoes doesn’t matter all that much, as does the colour. This upcoming fashion season, the tobacco colour will be all over, especially in accessories. So go and find your pair of tobacco-coloured shoes and wear them with style! These shoes work great with outfits in bright colours, especially red. Wear them oven skinny jeans, or with a short skirt or dress.

Lace-up knee-high boots for this winter

lace-up knee-high boots_winter 2022-2023 shoe trend

Finally, we have arrived to my favourite pair! I have been sporting laced shoes during winter forever, and I am loving the new designs for this winter 2022/2023! Selecting a pair with striking, front and centre lacing, evocative of a classic combat boot, is a good option. You can also try a business-in-the-front, party-in-the-back version that stitches up the leg for a more unique approach. These boots can be worn with many items of clothing, from mini skirts and dresses to skinny jeans to keep you warm.

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Winter 2022/2023 shoes: Platform loafers

loafers 2022_platform loafers

Everybody is obsessed with loafers this year. Hence, it is no surprise that these unique shoes, more specifically platform loafers, will be one of the hits of the winter 2022/2023 shoe trend. If you are going for a casual look, decide on chunky platform loafers. For parties, patent leather platform heeled loafers would fit right in. Wear loafers in the winter with long oversized coats and visible socks.

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Alright girls, we have arrived at the finished line, and now you have all you need to be in style for this winter 2022/2023 shoe trend! I am so proud of you, and of me of course (hah), for giving you all the tips and tricks on what to wear and how to pair it. So go out, decide on a pair of trendy shoes, and enjoy being at the top of the fashion game. Cheers!


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