Glitter nails 2022: Top trends and wonderful ideas for glitter manicure!

by Anjelina

Fashion trends are changing in full force. Long gone are the days when women used to choose a glitter manicure only for special occasions. Now every girl can enjoy her beautiful glitter nails every day and lift her mood. Glitter on nails attracts attention and eyes with its charming and trendy look. The manicure has a huge number of variants and techniques of application, which allow you to achieve the most amazing results of modern nail art. Today, we will take a look at the most trendy glitter nails 2022 to wow everyone!

Trends in glitter nails 2022

modern nail art design black nails nude colors rose gold glitter short nails

Modern solutions in nail aesthetics do not stand still, and professionals offer more and more new and interesting ideas for nail design in the form of modern manicure with glitter. As we have already mentioned, glitter nails are not just for occasions, and there are many ways in which they can look good in our everyday life as well. A modern glitter manicure can be worn at a formal event, but also at the office, as long as the design is appropriate. Glitter will look great on long and short nails of different shapes, allowing you to give them a spectacular and glamorous look. Now let’s see what are the top trends in glitter nails for 2022!

Pink manicure with glitter

paste pink and rose gold glitter nail art square nail plate medium length


The color pink represents romance and love. The pale pastel shade is suitable for any occasion. Its combination with glitter is always a winner and is also in fashion in 2022! In fact, every shade of pink – from pale to deep, pairs beautifully with a shimmering silver or rose gold glitter nail polish! Opt in to see for yourself that it does! Of course, polish only 1 or 2 nails in glitter and the rest in pink for balance!

French manicure with glitter

french manicure with silver glitter nude base nail polish white lines

In 2022, many young women were attracted by the modern look of a classic manicure – the French manicure with glitter. This design is the perfect solution for a party, wedding or other formal event. The most preferred option for such a manicure closely resembles the original, but the white color is mostly replaced by silver glitter. To keep the surface of the plate smooth, the nail plate is covered with a thick layer of colorless gel varnish. Of course, many other nail designs appear, inspired by the classic French manicure in combination with glitter as the colors are the most different – red, purple, black, which looks unusual and at the same time elegant and luxurious.

Glitter and rhinestones

glitter and rhinestones nude shades glitter manicure idea 2022 gold

Many people still consider rhinestones to be too intrusive, but manicures with them can be really modern and delicate. It’s important what colors of nail polish you choose and exactly where you place the rhinestones and nail glitter. There are lots of options. Choose which nail will be accented with rhinestones (most often the ring finger or middle finger), which is first covered with a one-color polish, and then supplemented with rhinestones. Another fashionable option is to glue small stones around the nail on its edges or “arrange” them all over the nail plate. Don’t be afraid to experiment, but always be careful not to go overboard with the rhinestones and glitter, because then you’ll end up with a very displeasing design indeed! You need to do everything with taste and measure in order for it to be beautiful!

Glitter gradient nails

glitter gradient nails silver glitter nude color medium-length square nails

The gradient effect is much sought after in contemporary nail art. This is the application of glitter from the root or tip to the middle of the nail plate, gradually decreasing the amount. Dry glitter powders or ready-made glitter gels in various shades may be used. The gradient is applied to all fingers or creates expressive highlights. The design can be complemented by several large elements, such as rhinestones, for example. Glitter gradient nails are great for both festive and casual occasions. It is not a complicated technique, and many women do it themselves at home.

Matte and glitter nails

matte and glitter nail art designs black and silver glitter brown and gold glitter

Two contrasting textures are combined to create a gorgeous nail design! The velvety texture of the matte finishes is complemented by shimmering elements. The glitter is usually applied on 1 or 2 nails for a balanced look. You can also use large crystals or pearls if you want an even more extravagant look. Glitter nails and matte finish look both expensive and elegant. The color combinations can be unlimited. Matte nails can be in one color, glitter nails in a completely different color or in the same but different shade. Decide for yourself what look you are going for!

Glitter nails 2022 – Photo gallery

modern sage color ecru gold glitter nails 2022 fashionable great combination

Want an amazing manicure with glitter? We present you the most beautiful ideas for a glittering manicure for the season! Whether it’s bright and colorful or dark and deep, luxurious and elegant or casual, you can discover and be inspired by glitter manicures in the following pictures.

Rose gold glitter nail design

rose gold glitter nail design 2022 on each nail plate short square nails

Winter glitter manicure idea

winter glitter manicure baby blue gray and blue glitter ot almond shaped nails

Luxurious nail design

luxurious nail design dark green glitter prom wedding formal event nail art

Trendy nail design 2022

beige glossy color glitter nails of various colors trendy nail design

Silver glitter nail art

glitter nails 2022 fashion trends white silver glitter pale pink white lines baby blue gray

Gold glitter nail designs – trendy and chic

gold glitter nail designs trendy chic and elegant looking nails 2022

White and silver glitter gradient nail design

white and silver glitter gradient nail design 2022 long nails

Trendy glitter nails 2022

trendy glitter nails 2022 white gray glitter nail polish gradient technique moder look

Silver glitter gradient nail art design

silver glitter gradient nail art design medium length nails almond shape

New Year’s Eve glitter nails

new year's ever glitter nails design idea trendy and festive looking

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