Hairstyles for thin hair: Discover the best looks for women over 50!

by Kremy

Hello ladies! Are you looking for the perfect party look? It doesn’t matter if you have invited your loved ones to celebrate at home or you plan to go out to a restaurant, you have to show your best look! And having thin hair doesn’t mean you can’t do it! Below are some amazing hairstyles for thin hair for women over 50. Get ready to be inspired and don’t forget to make an appointment with the hairdresser.

What are the best hairstyles for thin hair for women over 50?

What haircut for thin hair 50 year old women

Do you have thin, flat hair? Then you certainly know the problem: there is a lack of volume, which makes the hairstyle look dull and boring. Unfortunately, the situation gets worse with age. After age 50, the production of certain hormones decreases and hair becomes thinner as part of the natural aging process. Luckily, some hairstyle tricks come to the rescue. With the right hairstyle, you can achieve the much-desired volume. In this way the haircut will look structured and what is also great is that it can be styled quickly and easily. We tell you how it works and what you should pay attention to.

Layered bob haircut

bob hairstyle for women over 60 years


Who is this haircut suitable for? This hairstyle is suitable for women with thin straight hair. The layers bring incredible volume, while the layers frame the face perfectly. If you wear glasses, this is one of the best choices. To style this bob, use a round brush and salt water spray.

Medium length hair for 50 year old women

Medium length hair for women over 50

Who says you have to wear short haircuts at the age of 50? Look how good it looks in the photo above, even if you have thin hair. You can get volume with layers and by curling your hair. Do this with rollers to avoid damaging your hair. If you prefer the faster techniques that involve a curling iron, don’t forget to apply heat protection spray. At the end, fix with a hairspray. This is definitely a hairstyle that will make you look younger.

What is the best hairstyle for very thin and flat hair?

What are the best hairstyles for thin and flat hair

If you have very thin hair, you should know that dyeing is also important. Dark, rich shades can be gorgeous, but as your hair grows, light-colored roots will create the appearance of bald patches. Taking this into account, it is better to opt for light colors. There is a huge selection of blonde shades you can choose from, so don’t worry. In terms of hairstyles, here are the trendiest looks of winter 2022/2023 season.

Hairstyles for thin hair: Pixie

pixie haircut thin hair woman 50 years old

Pixie haircut has many variations. No matter which one you choose, it is sure to look good on you. This type of layered haircut is very easy to maintain and you don’t need to brush your hair, style it with a round brush or straighten it into your desired shape unless you want to achieve the look in the photo above. Influencer Lyn Slater’s (she’s 69) popular (she’s 69) has become a huge trend, so don’t be afraid to give it a try. All you need is a strong hold styling product and you’re done!

Women’s mullet haircut

Hairstyles for thin hair what are the best looks for women over 50

This haircut is more intensely layered and the tips are very thinned out. For maximum results, combine it with curtain bangs that frame the face and conceal problem areas like the cheeks. In this way you can also hide your crow’s feet. Isn’t that great?

In terms of styling, opt for dry shampoo. It’s a great way to add volume to your thin hair. It removes excess moisture from stress or natural buildup and gives a fresh, clean look.



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