Caramel blonde hair color for fall: The warm shade of blonde is THE hair color trend for 2022 that we will see everywhere!

by Kremy

When it comes to hair color trends for 2022, we can say with certainty that blondes are going to have a lot more fun in the coming months. But as you know, not all blondes are the same and shades of blonde are more exciting and versatile this year than they have been in a long time. Whether a cool platinum blonde à la Marilyn Monroe, barely visible highlights or a warm blonde – blonde hair always makes a great statement and is a real eye-catcher. And with fall just around the corner, now is the perfect time to give our mane a refreshing update. Are you interested in a change, but can’t decide in which direction to go? Should it be brunette? Or would you prefer something lighter? We have the perfect solution for you! Caramel blonde hair color for fall is the new favorite of all fashion girls and it looks as pretty as it sounds. Whether you want a dramatic look or want to subtly spice up your look, we have selected the most beautiful caramel shades that flatter every skin tone. So find your next favorite hairstyle and call the hair salon today!

What is caramel blonde hair color?

Jennifer Lopez hairstyles caramel blonde hair color

Shades of blonde are dominating the fashion world and our Instagram feeds more than any other hair color. But with the huge selection of nuances, choosing the right shade can be a real challenge. Neither blonde nor brown, but somewhere in between – caramel blonde hair color in fall gives us the best of both worlds and is a real eye-catcher.

Hair color trend hairstyle trends autumn 2022 blonde hair


Depending on the composition, the trendy shade always looks very different. Caramel hair can be lighter or darker, with a light golden finish or with darker, fall tones. The attraction lies in the versatility of the hair color and the blonde shade has already taken our hearts by storm. In order to find the perfect shade, you should pay attention to your skin and hair color and so that nothing goes wrong, it is better to leave that to the hairdresser you trust.

Warm caramel hair as the hair color trend in fall 2022

warm blonde tones 2022 caramel blonde hair color autumn

Warm blonde tones are simply part of the golden season. Warm, shiny, golden and seductive – caramel blonde hair color is made for fall and literally makes our mane shine. The blend of multiple shades looks like our hair has been sun kissed and the soft shading definitely catches the eye. It doesn’t matter whether you want to lighten your brown hair slightly or subtly spice up your blonde hair – with the caramel blonde hair color in fall you are always spot on!

Caramel blonde hair color with lowlights for a subtle look

Blonde lowlights hairstyles trend caramel blonde hair color fall trend 2022

We all know and love the classic highlights. However, a new coloring technique has emerged as one of the biggest hairstyle trends this year and that’s lowlights. As the name suggests, lowlights are the opposite of highlights. The lowlights are about two to three shades darker than our base color, giving the illusion of more fullness and a softer look.

Hair color trends 2022 caramel blonde hair color fall

So why not combine two of the biggest hairstyle trends and complement the caramel blonde hair color with soft lowlights in fall? How light or dark you go is purely a matter of taste. The less the lowlights deviate from your current shade, the more natural and flattering the result will be. The lowlight technique is also particularly gentle and perfect for anyone who wants a more subtle change.

Caramel Blonde Hair Color and Shadow Roots

Shadow Roots Hairstyle Fall Winter Trend 2022

Why we love caramel hair as hair color trend 2022? The shade scores with its versatility and is available in a multiple variations. You don’t feel like or have time for regular visits to the hairdressing salon? Then we have good news for you! Grown-out roots are totally “in” this year and shadow roots are one of the biggest hairstyle trends in fall 2022. In contrast to the classic ombre, it is not the tips that are dyed, but the roots. For an extremely easy-care look, we combine the caramel blonde hair color with a slightly darker approach. The play of colors makes our mane look much livelier and fuller and radiates a very special elegance. And the best? You only have to go to the hairdresser every five to six months – sounds like the perfect low-maintenance hairstyle to us, right?

The hairstyle trend Toffee-Caramel-Hair

Ombre hairstyle trend 2022 fall

Toffee and caramel not only taste good, but together they create an excellent shade. Toffee caramel hair is the slightly darker version of the caramel blonde fall hair color, but looks just as beautiful. The mixture of warm blonde and red tones definitely catches the eye. The hairstyle trend is ideal for all brunettes who want to lighten their hair but not go full blonde.

Strawberry Caramel Fall 2022 Hair Color

hair color autumn hairstyles trend 2022

Not quite red, but not blonde either – Strawberry hair caused quite a stir last year and is celebrating a big comeback in the coming season, albeit with a small update. Fairytale, bright, warm and really classy – strawberry-caramel blonde hair color is our new favorite for fall 2022. The two nuances harmonize surprisingly well with each other and the “half-half” shade feels wonderfully refreshing and light in the dreary season. Whether you prefer red or blonde tones depends on your own taste – anything you like is allowed and the hair color trend always looks stunning.

Money Piece Hairstyle for a fresh look

Money Piece Hairstyles Trend 2022

Do you love your brown mane, but still want a little refreshment? In this case, too, you can try the caramel blonde hair color in the fall. How about money piece hair? Instead of lightening the entire hair, the hair trend is reduced to just the front part. So with money piece hair, only the two front strands are lightened and highlighted. The contrast ensures a super fresh look and makes a cool statement.

Caramel blonde hair color in autumn: Here are the most beautiful blonde tones

blonde highlights on brown hair

Even the stars love the warm blonde tone

hair color trend fall 2022 Blake Lively caramel blonde

Caramel highlights give your brown hair a lively touch

brown hair with caramel blonde highlights color trends fall

Caramel blonde hair color looks gorgeous on curly hair as well

2022 caramel blonde hair color fall trend

The hue has become the absolute signature of pop diva Beyoncé

Beyonce blonde hair caramel blonde hair color fall

Ombre caramel hair for a subtle and natural look

Blonde Hair Trends 2022 Caramel Blonde Hair Color Fall

The warm blonde tone is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful hair color trends in autumn 2022

Caramel Blonde Hair Color Trends Fall 2022

Blonde highlights create the illusion of thickness and volume

what blonde shades are trending caramel blonde hair color fall in 2022

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