Fall 2022 long dress: find out how to wear it and what the key models are!

by Kremy

It’s almost fall, it’s getting cooler and cooler and we’re all starting to get our sweaters and cardigans out of the closet. Soon the winds will become colder and bite our cheeks, while the sunlight will reduce the number of hours of the day. Just thinking about it, we wrap ourselves in a cozy blanket and we settle on the sofa to watch TV and drink hot chocolate all day. But stop! Where has the fashionista in you gone? Does she still want to wear feminine dresses even though it’s colder outside? The fall 2022 fashion trends are booming and one of them is the fall maxi dress. The DeaVita team is passionate about current clothing and trends and we’ll tell you what the best way to wear fall 2022 long dress and what the hottest styles are!

How to wear a long dress?

What shoes with a long autumn dress

Here are the three essential missing puzzles you need to find to complete your look before heading out! Are you afraid to experiment, even a little? This year, we are all bolder and more beautiful. Something as simple as a small detail can completely change our look. If you need inspiration, stick around a little longer.

What shoes to wear with a long fall dress?

fashion trend autumn 2022


The season of witches is upon us! Long hair, fashionable boots, long dresses, gloves, eccentric makeup and gorgeous jewelry… Long dresses are considered more formal than casual and many of us don’t dare to wear them with many different types of shoes. However, in recent years we have witnessed a huge boost in confidence when it comes to pairing outfits. Here is what you can perfectly combine with a long autumn dress:

  • Trendy 2022-2023 boots, including cowboy boots, oversized platform boots, stiletto heels and pointed toes (for a witchy look).
  • For a more relaxed look, but just as chic, dare choose loafers.
  • If the weather is forgiving, flip flops can give you a boho chic blast.
  • Mules or clogs? That is the question! The 90s are back in full force!

The slip dress is back in the fall

chic fall long dress

Do you like summer because of the beauty and lightness of transparent fabrics? Is your wardrobe full of gorgeous dresses, but you just can’t seem to pull them off? Well, why wouldn’t you? Many women are hesitant to experiment when it comes to dresses. The 90s were the epitome of daring and self-expression and since the old trends are making a comeback, why not take advantage of that? A very 90s clothing trend was to wear long sleeves under a tank top or a short-sleeved or sleeveless dress. In this way you can wear whatever you want for three seasons of the year! Put a fancy shirt under your tight dress, depending on the materials. However, try to match them, so that it does not seem out of place. For a brown slip dress, a good base will be a beige shirt. If you’re cold, put on stockings or knee-high socks and pair them with an evening dress.

  • Birkenstock (yeah, with socks! they’re not just for older German tourists anymore!), if you’re walking around or going for coffee with friends
  • ankle boots
  • flip flops if it’s very hot!

Essential accessories

long dress fall 2022 trend

Of course, any respectable fashionista should consider having all of these at her disposal when it comes to accessorizing a long dress. Here is a fabulous list to guide you:

A cardigan. A loose or oversized cardigan will give you a 60s-70s hippie bohemian look that is very trendy right now. Not only will it shield you from the wind and keep you warm, it will give your outfit a Woodstock vibe.

Handbag. Take a look at our list of trendy handbags 2022 and choose from the plethora of gorgeous choices. A bucket bag will give you a more casual look, while a small 2000s-inspired handbag will bring a touch of bling.

Jewelry. Don’t forget this step. Take a look at the 2022 jewelry trends for inspiration.

A hat. Bucket hats are still all the rage and will give you that late 90s/early 2000s pop star look.

Fall-winter 2022/2023 long dress: zoom on the key models

fashion trend fall winter 2022 2023

Here are four impeccable long dress models for fall 2022! Most of them are affordable and in tune with new fashion trends! Are you curious to discover them? Let’s go!

Zara long dress

long dress fall zara

This long baby blue rib knit dress costs €39.95. It is ideal for coffee dates, shopping trips, walks in the park and daily errands thanks to its elasticity and comfort.

Reserved dress

what to wear when you have a tummy

The softness and comfort of this magnificent long fall dress model are perfect for all body types! Reserved sells it for €35.99.

how to dress at 50 years old

Have you understood? It’s witch season, so chunky grandma-like models are on the rise! Grab this beautiful dress for €25.99!


long dress pregnancy fall HM

Do you like dresses? Do you like cardigans? Why not treat yourself to a cardigan dress and wrap yourself up in comfort when the season begins for just €39.99?

La Redoute

la redoute women new collection

With the flamboyant colors all around us, La Redoute invites you to join the beautiful landscape with this stunning long fall dress for €160.00.

la redoute long dress

And finally, here is a beautiful long wrap dress for €79.95!



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