DIY straw bale decoration: craft ideas and suggestions for beautiful and cool fall decor

by Kremy

If you want something really rustic with farm flair, you can add straw or hay bales to your fall decorations. And by that we don’t just mean the classic large ones that you can use outdoors, but also small straw bales that can be used to decorate the interior and, for example, the dining table. We have some pretty ideas with instructions for a straw bale decoration that you can recreate.

DIY table decorations with a square bale and flowers

Straw bale decoration with white fall flowers

A craft idea could hardly be easier! Get a bale of straw or hay in the desired size and a few flowers and you can do the straw bale decoration in a matter of minutes. The decoration idea is not only suitable for the table, but can also be outdoors, on the porch, for example, for which you can also use a larger straw or hay bale. Indoors, however, a pad is recommended so that the straws do not fall directly on the table.

DIY straw bale decoration with flowers on a tray


Then you can just stick artificial flowers or dried flowers in any arrangement you like until you are happy with the composition. Of course, typical fall flowers are a better choice. Leaves and twigs are also suitable, as are berries, fruits and pine cones.

Straw bale decoration for outdoors with geraniums

If you want to use real cut flowers for this decoration idea, you can also use floral foam. After you have cut it, place it in a container of the size you want for the arrangement and insert the flowers. Dampen the foam.

Straw bale decoration for a fall wedding

Straw bale decoration fall wedding ideas

Actually, a fall wedding is perfect! The heat is finally over and there’s so much more to enjoy the day, don’t you think? Added to this is the romantic charm of fall with its warm colors and decorative options. If you are planning a fall wedding , take advantage of a straw bale decoration to create just the right atmosphere.

rustic decoration with grey hay bales on the porch

As well as being wonderful to sit on (with fabric to keep them from stinging), they can also be used as table legs, to lean signs on, or as table decorations if you use mini straw balls.

Halloween is in the fall!

Frankenstein spider and mummy DIY Straw bale decoration for Halloween

And hay bales are just the perfect base for cool Halloween backyard decorations. They can be colored with spray paint, but you can also wrap them with fabric. Then add the necessary other elements to make the respective figure as a straw decoration:

  • For example, you can make stitches like Frankenstein’s monster by painting popsicle sticks and gluing them together.
  • You simply wrap a mummy with thin material, such as a bandage or with toilet paper.

Idea for Halloween with painted round bales

  • Thin fabric is also suitable for ghosts. In this case, it is best to choose a round bale, over which you will tгrow the fabric.
  • For spider legs, use pool noodles.
  • Mouths, eyes, noses (and also the stitches already mentioned) etc. can be quickly and easily cut out of foam rubber. This material is also waterproof, which is perfect for a garden decoration.

Small scarecrows and fairy lights

Mini bales with scarecrows for the garden or the house

Garden, table, mantel, windowsill – you can decorate all these areas with such a straw bale decoration. Get small scarecrows and just put them on small hay bales. That’s all you have to do! You can glue the figures with hot glue or pin them with wire in a non-visible place.

Straw bale decoration with string lights for indoors and outdoors

Fairy lights are also wonderful for the evening hours. Use strings of LED lights that you wrap around the bale or use them to form lettering. However, do not leave the illuminated hay bale decoration unattended.

Straw bale decoration for the entrance area

Front door design with bales of straw as a frame and pots with autumn flowers

It is even easier to simply place large bales on the porch, in front of the front door or in the garden to display other decorative elements. Use the bales, to set up flower pots or pumpkins on several levels and combine them with boards, signs, scarecrows or whatever else you can think of that suits autumn. Or how about decorating the front of the straw bale decoration with a garland?

DIY Straw bale decoration with pumpkins for fall and Halloween

And for Halloween, you can temporarily replace the decorations with carved pumpkins and other spooky decorations.

Romantic decor with wrought iron lettering

Decorate hay bales with wrought iron and leaves

Wrought iron is always a great decorative idea and even more so for a hay bales decoration. You can have a blacksmith make you a special lettering. It is best to add small skewers that you can stick directly into the straw or hay. Alternatively, you can also create your own lettering for the straw bale decoration. For this you simply use wire, which you then bend. You then simply tie the letters to the hay or wrap wires here and there, leaving them sticking out at the back so you can stick the letters into the side of the bale.

DIY Fall decoration with mini hay bale silver pumpkins and pine cones

Decorate the porch for fall

Front door decorate fall with barrels straw bales and pumpkins

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