How to Decorate Candle Jars for Fall? 4 Creative Craft Ideas

by Kristiyana

There are plenty of lanterns available to buy ready-made. But if you feel like doing a craft project, you can also conjure up one yourself! An empty jam jar or other type of jar, but also a simple model from the craft store, are the perfect basis for your own creations. So, how can you decorate a candle jar to create a unique fall decoration?

With fabric, glass paints, and natural materials, you can let your creativity run wild. Get the inspiration you need from us just below!

How to Decorate Candle Jars for Fall? Glowing Pumpkins Craft

candle jar decorating and transforming it into a pumpkin with rope

For this craft, all you need is a bulbous lantern, which you then decorate with some rope, and you get a super cute pumpkin! You can either drape a string of lights in it or place an LED tea light.

What you’ll need:

  • Bulbous lantern (roughly shaped like a pumpkin)
  • Rope
  • Leaves (real, pressed or artificial)
  • Hot glue

craft instructions for glass rope gluing with hot glue

It’s so easy to decorate the candle jar and turn it into a glowing pumpkin:

  • Turn the jar over and apply some glue to one spot.
  • Attach one end of the rope there.
  • Then stretch the rope once around the candle jar and over its opening until you reach the bottom of the glass again to estimate how much rope you need.
  • Cut off the rest and glue the other end of this first piece as well.
  • You need three more pieces of rope.

artificial or pressed leaves fixing and stem crafting

  • Place the next one crosswise, the third between the first two, and the fourth on the opposite side (like cutting a cake).
  • There are two sheets stuck on the side where you glued the ropes.
  • Now create the stem by wrapping another piece of rope in a spiral around itself. Apply glue at intervals.
  • Then add another shoot.
  • It is best to use a string of lights or a tea light with a remote control. This makes it easier to switch them on and off (you don’t have to fumble around with a tea light every time).

Create Candle Jars with Floating Candles & Gel Beads

decorate candle jars with floating candles water beads and leaves for fall

You may already be familiar with this type of DIY project, but if not, we would definitely like to introduce it to you. The craft is versatile and can suit any occasion, plus it’s also incredibly quick and easy to do. Perfect if you want to decorate a large lantern!

What you’ll need:

  • Gel beads, softened in water
  • Fall decorations, such as plastic leaves
  • Long candle jar
  • Floating candles

gel beads soak and fill with fall decorations in a candle jar


All you have to do is soak the beads in water so that they reach their full size. You will notice that they cannot be seen in the water. This also creates the floating effect in the decorations. Now alternately add a few leaves, then a layer of gel balls, then another small pile of leaves and so on into the glass. Leave enough space at the top because you will fill the whole thing with water and finally place the floating candle on top.

Tip: For winter decorations, you can choose snowflakes instead of leaves or fir trees if you want to decorate the candle jar for Christmas. Mistletoe, pine branches or berries as well as Christmas ball ornaments are also suitable.

Decorate Candle Jars with Lace, Linen & Wheat Ears for Fall

decorate candle jars with lace linen and wheat

Designing this DIY craft is also super easy. In the example you can see ears of wheat, but you can also use dried flowers, twigs or other materials that you associate with fall. You can also use and adapt the idea for other seasons.

What you’ll need:

  • Wheat
  • Linen ribbon
  • Lace ribbon
  • Hot glue or double-sided tape

How to decorate the lantern:

  1. You can either gradually apply drops of hot glue to the bottom of the jar and attach the ears of corn. Or:
    Stick double-sided adhesive tape around the entire lantern and attach the wheat ears to it.
    Don’t worry about the whole thing looking pretty ugly.
  2. Now stick a piece of linen over the tape/glue. If you used tape, make sure the fabric tape is wide enough to cover it. You will also need additional glue, as the free areas on the tape will not be enough to hold the linen in place
  3. Alternatively, lace is also suitable for this craft. You can create a second candle jar and group the decorations together upon your table.

Depending on how big the container is, you can display a large candle in a glass or a tea light. Fairy lights are also ideal here. In any case, we recommend artificial, i.e. LED models.

Decorate the Outside of Candle Jars with Sticks

decorate candle jars with branches in different colors

For this beautiful table decoration, simply collect sticks. Feel free to use different colors (or paint them in gold, copper, bronze, etc.). Break them into roughly equal lengths, with small differences in height making the lanterns look even more interesting. Glue the sticks to the outside of the glass using hot glue. You’re done!

instructions for crafting with natural materials sticks glued with hot glue to the candle lantern

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