Winter fashion 2023: Here are the trends and fashionable pieces to get as soon as possible?

by Kremy

Ready for a warm, cocooning winter? Take advantage, winter 2023 fashion is here to serve you. Indeed, the fall winter fashion trends for the cold season are very clear: stay warm, multiply the layers and bundle up. It couldn’t be clearer. To give you a little help, here is a quick overview of the essential pieces to get and the trendy styles to follow this winter 2022-2023. Let’s go!

winter fashion 2023 womens trend

What will be the fall-winter 2022-2023 fashion?

The winter 2023 fashion trend is a bit like “doing something new with something old”. Indeed, the essentials will be revisited, but there will also be new features. Prints will undoubtedly be the stars of winter. You like animals? Go wild with animal prints! They will impose themselves on accessories, trendy coats and dresses. Because this winter everything is allowed, you can mix and match the prints. So the possibilities are many:

  • stripes with checks
  • Flowers with polka dots
  • houndstooth with tie and dye

Some fashion pieces stand out in in the winter 2022 fashion trends. This season, velvet will undoubtedly be one of the great must-haves. On pants, dresses, skirts and jackets, it stands out. It can be mixed with large cuddly sweaters, wool or cashmere.


Pantsuits will be the piece to adopt this winter. Combine it with an oversized blazer and you’ll be a hit. In addition, know that the long bohemian dress will also be brought up to date. What to wear it with? The safe bet: the very large sweater will be the top of the top in winter 2023 fashion.

The coat as a key piece of winter 2023 fashion

When it comes to coats, make way for volume. Whatever the model, a jacket or wool coat, this piece must be long and XXL. Similarly, faux fur will once again be on the agenda this winter. This one, symbol of a vintage spirit that continues to be popular, is perfect for staying at the forefront of fashion while being warm in winter days.

The shoes

As you have understood, winter 2023 fashion promises to be very stylish. You will reach the top by making the right choice of footwear. Once again, you are spoiled for choice among dad shoes, ankle boots, cowboy boots, babies or biker boots to face the rigors of winter. This winter, sixties-style knee-high boots are the new trendy shoes of this year.

Winter fashion 2023: Which style to follow? Our top 3

long bohemian dress winter 2023


Oversized jacket, boyfriend shirt or flashy sweater, here are the styles that are emerging for this winter. Here are our top 3 trends to follow this year. Have fun combining them with each other!

The oversize style is always on top

oversized jacket winter fashion 2023

The volumes play XXL and make us succumb a little more to the oversize fashion trend which is always at the top of the trends. There is no shortage of warm, cocooning and cozy pieces. In addition, you can combine them with any outfit and make them look more casual or formal. Further to that, the oversize style has the ability to offer you extra comfort in winter. All you have to do is choose the best combination for each piece of your outfit.

Boy style

boy style fashion women 2023

Currently, this look is trending for all genders, no distinction. In this field, the cargo style or combat boots, pieces that have long been considered masculine, are now enjoying great success. To refine this style, the shoes will be very important. The boy style is completely suitable for those who want to add character to their clothing style.

The colorful trend

colors trend fashion winter 2023

Why not take advantage of the bright and vivid shades in winter? It is indeed a great way to bring a splash of color during the cold and gray season. This will also allow you to shine and share the cheerfulness around you. Attention, no need to overdo it, a basic colored piece will be enough to put you on the page. In our opinion, 3 harmonious colors will be more than enough. Think about it!



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