What is the winter 2022 women’s coat trend? 5 shopping ideas!

by Kremy

There is nothing more chic than wearing a simple outfit with a perfectly executed and impeccably designed coat over it. It’s daring to claim winter as your favorite season, but we have to admit it has its good points. But what is most important for the cold? An elegant coat, of course! Beyond the practicality of keeping you warm, no garment can transform an outfit faster than a good winter coat. Incorporate this season’s best winter 2022 women’s coat trend into your wardrobe.

What coat for winter 2022 to choose?

winter 2022 womens coat trend

Of all winter 2022 women’s coat trends that I have seen on the catwalks, there are 5 that cannot be overlooked. While some are absolutely timeless and don’t feel tied to that specific season, there are a few coat trends listed below that might feel intrinsic to 2022. I’ve found that coat trends come back faster than any other piece of clothing. So, if you decide to invest in even the most daring model that I have described below, rest assured that it will have great endurance.

5 winter 2022 women’s coat trends

coat trend 2022 fashion


It may only be early fall right now, but winter will be here sooner than we think, which makes the idea of snuggling up and warming an increasingly tempting prospect. It’s time to find your happy place with new materials and coat styles that will protect you from the winter cold. Discover the 5 most remarkable and inspiring coat trends of this season.

Shearling coat

Shearling coat winter 2022 trends

Sheepskin has been a cult favorite for the past one or two winters, but this year we’ve seen some exciting new releases hitting the market that bring this Fall Winter 2022 fashion trend to life which is also available in faux versions. Mix and match sheepskin styles for a carefully tailored option that feels fresh and elevated. This on-trend coat is styled beautifully in the iconic aviator style which is often finished with smooth leather details.

The winter 2023 trendy coat is faux fur!

coat trends synthetic fur

Perhaps one of the best parts of the winter season is wrapping up in as many blankets and cozy layers as possible. This is why faux fur coats are a must in the 2023 winter wardrobe. Cocooning look guaranteed! From leopard prints to deep black hues, there is definitely a faux fur coat for you. Go for a monochromatic style under your faux fur coat. Take the costume to the next level by layering a faux fur coat over your outfit. You will have a super elegant look! For a casual look, jeans, polished shoes and a classic bag will do.

The absolute trendy 2022 duvet coat!

duvet coat fashion trend 2022

“Duvet” coats are often long – past the knee, even – and made from layers of padding and insulation that, when wrapped around you, could genuinely be mistaken for a real duvet. But it’s not without style that you have to look at this piece. The down jacket was once reserved only for the wardrobes of Arctic explorers. However, the look has undergone a real revival in the fashion world and is now worn and adored by the classiest women in the world! Look for a duvet coat that will keep you warm! So it doesn’t matter whether the hem lands between your ankle and knee or skims your hips.

Winter 2022 women’s coat trend: The plaid coat

plaid coat trend 2022

Whether it’s in the mountains or snowy at home, there’s a reason why the plaid is always in style every winter. The comfort of a plaid print is like a cup of hot chocolate and a cozy blanket. Try the perfectly wintry style with a long brown plaid coat. Wear it with jeans, white heels and dark red bag. Or the black and white look with wide black trousers, black ankle boots and a black and white plaid coat. It’s ultra-urban and chic.

The trench coat, the default coat

trench coat winter trend

The trench coat is a winter wardrobe staple this year! There are endless trench coat outfit ideas, which means it can easily work with a variety of personal styles. Trench coats are far more versatile than they appear and will look great in many everyday situations, from ultra-casual to formal. For those who love contrast, pair a classic honey, khaki or beige trench coat with a brightly colored sweater or cargo or leather pants. Think an emerald green cashmere sweater, a cobalt blue sheath dress. Pair a trench coat with a beloved cashmere sweater and jeans, and add suede loafers or a pair of trendy sneakers. This is the perfect casual and luxurious look! The options are endless for this winter 2022 coat trend.



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