Fall outfits with trench coat: chic and elegant ideas to style your coat this season

by Kremy

The trench coat is a must-have for any fall wardrobe. Its neutral colors go with everything, its material will help you get through rainy days without a single drop of rain falling on your beautiful outfit. Not to mention you’ll look chic and stay warm. Today we are going to dive deeper into the world of fall outfits with trench coat and show you how to style them.

Fall outfits with trench coat: a variety of colors and lengths

Trench coat in various colors and lengths to wear in autumn

Although most trench coats are beige, they come in a variety of colors and styles.

They can also be found in different lengths: short, medium and long. Midi lengths are the easiest to wear and style in our opinion.

  • For petite ladies, a short trench coat will suit their body shapes, as a long one would look particularly voluminous on them.
  • A long coat would be perfect for you if you are the size to wear it.
  • For curvy ladies who want to show off their curves, a belted midi trench coat is a perfect choice to accentuate your waist.

As previously mentioned, a trench coat is extremely versatile when it comes to styling. It can be worn for both morning and evening looks. And because of its lightweight fabric, you can wear it in warm weather, and when it gets cold, it can be layered and you’ll always look stylish.

You can wear anything with a trench coat – even a long or short skirt

Combine the coat with a short or long skirt in autumn


If you like wearing short skirts and boots in the fall, this look is for you. Pair your trench coat with a mini skirt and boots with stockings.

Whether it’s a pencil skirt or a flowy one that hits above the knees, it’s another popular choice.

But if you get cold quickly, try a long skirt with sneakers and don’t forget about the trench coat. It will enhance your outfit and you will look great!

For a chic outfit this season, we recommend a plaid pencil skirt, a long-sleeved turtleneck, a mid-length trench coat of your choice and a pair of knee-high boots.

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Fall outfits with trench coat and dress

Stylish fall outfits with trench coat and dress for every occasion

If you like wearing dresses, you can combine them with a trench coat. Whether it’s a flowy patterned dress or a figure-hugging one, any style will look great with a trench coat.

As for shoes, you can opt for boots to stay warm in this weather or if you prefer to wear sneakers with dresses, that will look great too. It all depends on the occasion and whether you want to dress smart or casual.

Combine trench coat and day dress

Knitted dress and trench coat for a day outfit

There are so many pretty dresses that go with a trench coat, knit dresses are perfect for fall, for example. A pair of tights underneath is also a great way to stay warm without adding too many layers.

Boots are the perfect shoe to wear with dresses when it’s chilly outside – just make sure the boot length doesn’t overwhelm the hem of your dress. Ankle boots are always a good choice because they elongate the leg line and look chic.

Chic fall outfits with trench coat and an elegant dress

Trench coat in purple and evening dress go well together

Any long coat looks great with an evening dress, but the trench coat is the best choice in autumn when the weather is not too cold.

If you have a neutral coat, you can wear a dress in whatever color you prefer – it fits and looks great.

Trench coat and jeans go perfectly together

Trench coat and jeans go great together

A trench coat and jeans are a common and popular outfit combination for a casual look. Although we love this look best with loafers and ankle boots, you can add warmth to this outfit by styling it with knee-high boots with your straight-leg or skinny jeans, or pairing it with a blazer.

Of course, you can wear whatever top or sweater you love the most – just make sure the colors coordinate with the rest of your outfit.

For a laid-back, French girl-inspired outfit, choose straight-leg jeans, a long trench coat, a top of your choice, and a pair of stylish loafers.

Match your trousers to the color of your trench coat

fall outfits with trench coat and pants in coordinated colors

Most trench coats are beige, and if you are looking for ways to style them, simply pair them with beige pants. If you want a formal chic look, pair beige trousers with a blouse of your choice and chunky oxford shoes to add an edgy touch to your outfit. If you like something more casual and relaxed, combine your beige trousers with a white t-shirt, comfortable sneakers and add a touch of color to your outfit with a colored handbag.

If your trench coat isn’t black, that doesn’t mean you can’t wear black pants with it. After all, both khaki and black are neutral, which means they go incredibly well together.

As for further styling, you can mix and match other neutral colored pieces (including white) with this color combo or add a pop of color in your favorite shade – as mentioned earlier since black, beige and olive green are neutrals. It’s hard to find a color that doesn’t go with this look.



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