What Coat Length to Choose for Winter 2023-2024 Based on Body Shape? THE Complete Guide

by Kremy

As winter approaches, you are probably already tempted to renew your wardrobe for the new season. And what is the piece without which it would be impossible for us to face the cold? The winter coat, of course! But with so much choice in stores and online, what coat length to choose to flatter your figure? Where should it end? The answer is hidden in your body shape!

How to Choose Your Coat for Winter 2023-2024?

what coat length to choose winter 2023 2024

Reading an article on winter coat trends 2023-2024, a question immediately popped into my head: which model will best highlight my figure? What if, in addition to cut, material and color, length also mattered? What coat length to choose based on your body shape? I find this to be a basic question, but one that’s often overlooked. Many of us make a style mistake by opting for a coat that is either too short or too long for us, including me. So, what do we need to consider to make the right choice? Apparently, our body shape has a lot to do with it…

What Coat Length to Choose Based on Body Type?

what coat length to choose winter 2023 2024 trends


Of course, rules don’t count for much when it comes to fashion, but there are a few tips that can help us make a better choice. Generally speaking, the tinier you are, the shorter your coat should be. However, if you live in an area where it gets really cold in winter, opting for a longer coat is not forbidden, but it should never be too long.

Mid-length coats, on the other hand, can be worn by most people, no matter if you are short or tall. These are generally very flattering models. As for long models and those that stop just below the knees, they are for rather tall people. In addition, it is advisable to choose them with a belt on the waist in order to balance the silhouette.

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What Coat Length to Choose When You’re Petite?

winter coat 2023 2024 trends

If you are petite, then a short coat model will suit you best. This length is also very slimming for those who want to hide their extra pounds. In addition, short models, when they define the waist so well, make the legs appear longer and slimmer. The material also plays an important role: it is advisable to avoid materials that are too thick. Wool is always a good choice.

To avoid: knee-length coats that cut off the silhouette

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Who Could Wear a Long Coat?

how to know if a coat is too long for you

Are you tall and wondering what coat length to choose? Opt for a long model! These have been super trendy forever and with a classic silhouette that would never go out of style. However, if you are petite, but you want to wear a long coat, the solution is simple: style it with heels and opt for a length that does not go all the way to the floor to try as much as possible to flatter your figure.

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Who Are Mid-Length Coats for?

mid length coat trend fall winter 2023

What coat length to choose when you are neither too tall nor too short? When you’re hesitant, a mid-length coat is always a good option! This is the most versatile length of all and hits approximately mid-thigh. This type of coat can be worn with lots of different outfits, as well as with sneakers, boots or even heels. It is also very suitable for curvy ladies, but combine it with a belt to accentuate your waist.

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How Long Is a ¾ Coat? Who Is It Suitable For?

fashion trends fall winter 2023 2024 mid length coat

The ¾ coat is perhaps the most specific in length. It usually stops somewhere between the knees and ankles and measures between 45—47 inches/115-120 cm depending on the size you wear. This cut is very suitable for slim and rather tall women. Choose it in a neutral shade for a classic look, or with patterns for a super original winter outfit.

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Shoulders and Sleeves Are Also Very Important

slimming coat body shape winter 2024

In addition to knowing what coat length to choose based on your body shape, you also need to take into consideration how it fits over your shoulders and whether the sleeve length is right for you. If the shoulders don’t fall nicely, then this is not the right model for you. The sleeves should also be well proportioned on your arms.

And now that you know how to choose your trendy coat for winter, it’s time to do your shopping!

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